10 Ways For Creating A Green And Healthy Home

A lot of people nowadays are getting conscious about our environment. It’s good to see how people across the world are getting more environmentally conscious nowadays. Being eco-friendly not only helps you to reduce your harmful contributions to the environment but also helps you to save a good amount of money yearly. Buying eco-friendly products, energy efficient appliances or recycled products are great ways to reduce your harmful contributions to the environment. These products are cheaper than those of the non-biodegradable products that emit toxic gases in the environment. And you can also use some coupon codes such as Biome Eco Stores promo codes to get some more discounts on these products.

Here are ten ways to create a green and healthy home.


Get serious about water:-

It has become a significant issue than anything in the world nowadays. There are people in this world who doesn’t get water at all. Being eco-friendly is not only being serious about energy consumption but also to take a holistic approach. So, become more serious about water consumption too. Firstly, fix all the leaks you have in your house. You can also adopt some lifestyle changes to save water. Don’t run your basin tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. You can install low-flow showers too. These showers have been proven to save almost up to 160,000 litres of water for a four-member family.

Install a smart meter:-

Your heating system is a great way to show your energy consumption. And it becomes effortless in the winters. Whenever you see winter is here you keep your heating system on longer than you hardly need. That is a huge wastage of money as well as energy. Install a smart meter in your home. You can programme it in a way that they will turn on the heating system at certain times of the day. For example, you can programme it in such a way that it will begin to heat up just before you are coming back and will stop an hour before you leave again.

Energy efficient light bulbs:-

Installing energy efficient light bulbs in your home will not only make you save on your energy bills. But it will also help you to save the environment. Switch to CFLs instead of those old age incandescent bulbs now. CFLs and other energy efficient bulb not only help you to save energy, but it also lasts longer than the incandescent light bulbs so that you don’t have to spend money on replacing them.

Install solar panels:-

Ah! Solar panels are the future. It’s a must-have feature for an eco-friendly home. Solar panels provide clean energy. And it’s a very long-term investment. However, it’s a bit costly to install solar panels in the home now, but we can manage it for the sake of our environment, right? Moreover, just like energy efficient bulbs, solar panels are lasting too.

Talk to sustainability consultants:-

Every home is different. There are amazing deals for the homeowners to make their houses greener. The best way to find out your deal is to speak to sustainability consultants. These experts can quickly provide you with ways to make your house greener than ever.

Embrace natural cleaning products:-

Using harmful products to clean up is a bad idea if you want to be eco-friendly. Once you send the wastewater to the drainage system, it leads to rivers and pollutes them. Use citric acid from citrus fruits, vinegar or the bicarbonate of soda for your everyday cleaning needs. These natural cleaning products are not harmful to the environment.


Insulation is a great way to go green. Proper insulation will help you to hold up the heat inside your home. Insulate your walls, double glazed windows. Also, try the area rugs on your floors. Area rugs are a cost-effective and stylish way to prevent heat from slipping out from your hardwood floors.

Make compost in the home:-

Don’t throw away the kitchen scraps and foods. Make compost with them instead. You will be astonished to see how much food you throw away every day can be turned into compost. Make a compost bin in your garden or backyard.

Try buying recycled products:-

Whatever it is, if it’s recycled, it’s worth buying. It could be anything from a toilet paper roll to a kitchen roll. If you see a recycled option available, give it a try.

Cook intelligent:-

Never open your oven door while cooking. It’s a wastage of an enormous amount of heat if you do so. Try to avoid coffee pods wastes. Use a conventional drip coffee maker instead.

Here are some tips for creating a more green and healthy home. Live happily. Go green.