Great Ways To Shun Time-Consuming Activities

When do we realize the value of an item?

We oftentimes realize the value of something when we lose it.

This is especially true if the item is irretrievable. Oftentimes, we do not see its value when we still have it. Only in losing it did we awaken to the reality of its importance.

Probably, the most attention-deprived thing in life is time. People hardly give importance to time. When we look back to the days gone by, we are confronted with the uneasy and guilty feelings. Why have we allowed time to go to waste?

Wasted time is usually spent on non-goal oriented activities. While socializing may open opportunities for you, there are times where it doesn’t. This is where we should learn to be selective.

Selective socializing entails politely saying ‘no’ to invitations that you feel will not contribute to your aspirations. Read on to find out how to shun time-consuming and non-productive requests from other people. Learn how to do it gracefully.

1. Examine your appointment calendar. When you have vacant time gaps, fill these gaps with leisure or relaxation activities.

You deserve these activities to break the monotony of work. This is one way also of reserving these vacant times for goal-oriented purposes. Breaks are one way of recharging your spirit. These nurturing activities help you defend your time from invitations not in accordance with your priorities.

2. There are certain occasions that you simply cannot decline. Well, at least not for the moment; but you have to keep your schedule open by commenting something like this: “Let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you in the next couple of days.”

Finalize your acceptance or refusal of invitation by phone, mail, or whatever way of getting in touch with the concerned person. It is more difficult to say ‘no’ face-to-face with the person.

3. Cook up a family activity that cannot be missed to decline unexpected invitations. Let the other party know how you appreciate their invitation and that you are sorry you cannot accommodate their invitation since your hands are tied.

4. Make your schedule appear much busier than it is. When confronted with invitations, you can use words like: “I would love to attend Kelly’s send off party but I can’t because I have to pick up my mother at the airport. I even have to miss the general sales meeting scheduled on the same day and time because of my mother. You know how mothers are. I hope you understand.”

Win back your time by being in control of it. A reasonable excuse is all you need. In order to avoid offending people, use polite and accommodating words. The inviting party might see through your real intention. Who knows? You might even get their full support!