Great Summer Activities During Your Lake Tahoe Vacation

There are a million and one ways to enjoy your summer getaway for your Lake Tahoe vacation.

From hiking, biking, boating, water skiing and a whiole lot more, Lake
Tahoe offers a wide variety of water sport and land-based activities to choose from.

A nice and wonderful opportunity to get out and see for yourself just how clear Lake Tahoe really is to get into Lake Tahoe Cruises.

There are a number of companies offering different types of cruises on the lake, both powered and sailing trips.

Tourist information centers and brochure racks usually have details on major cruises

Some are scenic cruises, while others are more the dine and dance type.

Prices range from $20/person and up.

For the adventurous, one can bask in from one of the many Lake Tahoe beaches and water sport sites.

The water is clean but it is still cold and if you want a more warmer temporeature to swim in, there are numerous public beaches around Lake Tahoe, including The Commons Beach Park in downtown Tahoe City, Baldwin Beach, and Kings Beach recreation Center.

Sand Harbor State Park, just a few miles south of Incline Village, has a very attractive white sand beach.

Other water sport activities include sailing, parasailing, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating.

There are other scenic spots around to enjoy for the summer like D.L. Bliss State Park which has a nice clean beach atmosphere, Sugar Pine Point State Park and the Emerald Bay State Park.

For those who wish to hike the trail, there’s quite a wide choice of alpine walks you can explore in the mountains and hills around the lake.

The Eagle Falls walk located at the south western corner near Emerald Bay State Park is a nice easy trail with a footbridge near the falls.

Squaw Valley is one of the most popular summer hideaways at Lake Tahoe where you could see the Ponderosa Ranch of the hit old TV Western Bonanza, for fans of old TV westerns.

There you can enjoy hayrides, visit a general store, saloon and many other activities one could often find in old western ranches.

There’s also the Hotsprings near Lake Tahoe called David Walley’s Resort, a year round destination resort with 6 natural hot mineral springs pools, saunas, fitness center, tennis, and golfing activities.

There are also good sites for cycling, in-line skating, tennis, golf, fishing, river rafting and horseback riding.

What do you need for your summer Lake Tahoe vacation is a big question you ask yourself as much as you would ask yourself how to enjoy your vacation.

Knowing what to bring along and what to do during your vacation will either spell it whether it be a success or failure, after all, the ideal outcome of a vacation should be that of enjoyment.

But just so you make sure that you get to enjoy your vacation, you need to know what you should be bringing along and plan ahead on what you hope to do.

So plan ahead and sit back, relax and enjoy the great summer activities during your summer Lake Tahoe vacation.