Great Romantic Vacation Ideas in United States

When it comes to romantic vacation, almost everybody is thinking of booking a vacation outside the US and in some exotic places. You may not believe it, but actually you don’t even have to spend on expensive airfares and hotels in foreign lands just to enjoy a romantic vacation with your spouse. Why? Well, because the United States has lots t offer when it comes to great vacation spots for couples like you; even for family or corporate vacation needs.

If you’re not convinced that you can indeed enjoy a relaxing romantic vacation even without leaving the country, read on the following romantic vacation ideas in United States. Listed are some of America’s finest vacation destinations that even tourists around the world love.


This destination may seem old and very uncommon to you. But, don’t take this one for granted as this US state has a lot to offer when it comes to romantic vacation. Of course, the beaches from Miami to Dayton Beach to Florida Keys are there to make you feel like you’re in another tropical island. If you are tired of the beach, you and your spouse can indulge in underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

When you’re tired of the beach and water altogether, you can both try to be sporty. Whether you love bicycling, car racing, baseball, tennis or golf; there are places in Florida to cater for your needs. Golf and tennis, for example, are readily available in most resorts. So, perhaps there is a place in your resort hotel where you can enjoy such sports together.

Las Vegas

You may often think of the casinos and gambling houses when you hear Las Vegas and would actually think twice if you can spend a romantic vacation in this state. But, you know what, you are wrong. Las Vegas also has lots to offer when it’s romantic vacation just around the United States that you’re looking for. Besides, first class accommodations and the foods here are so inexpensive because of the revenues from those casinos.

When here and you don’t like those crowded casinos, you can just rent a car and drive around The Strip up to Mt. Charleston. You can make a stop at the Red Rocks Visitors Center and learn more about this fancy state’s desert. Entertainment and night life, of course, abound in Vegas. So, if you’re tired of your afternoon drives, you can just go to The Strip and choose which one you fancy; the Cirque du Soleil or the acts at Bally’s.

When it comes to accommodation, you can choose from the cheaper ones to the most grand such as the Caesars Palace. Food facilities also abound; you even have different options even without leaving the Caesars Palace.

New York

Even though considered as among the busiest states in the United States, New York is yet another great spot for your romantic vacation just within the American land that you can include in your options. If you are living just around Manhattan or Bronx, you can just RV up to Niagara Falls or the Catskill Mountains. That would be very inexpensive for you and you can still enjoy the romantic ambiance.

In the Niagara Falls, you can get room accommodations where you will have a great view of the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls or the Bridal Veil Falls. Or you can enjoy pampering yourselves in a Jacuzzi as some hotels offer exclusive Jacuzzi suites. When in Catskill Mountains, you can admire the scenery in the Mohonk Mountain Houses or try visiting Woodstock.

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You see, you don’t even have to save tons of money just to get the dream romantic vacation that you want to give to your spouse. Hope this romantic vacation ideas in United States have helped clear your inhibitions about getting an inexpensive but memorable romantic vacation in the United States.