Great Golf with a Strong Swing

You have the whitest shoes, the priciest clubs, and the most advanced golf balls. But at the end of the day, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.

A consistent and reliable swing is the key to playing a great game of golf. Not only will a good swing save your game, but it will also save face on the green. Everyone is watching you at the first tee, and they’ll all see if you miss the ball or send it careening off course. Save yourself the embarrassment and take the time to practice your swing.

Buying all of the right equipment and reading stacks of golfing books and magazines means nothing if you have a poor swing. In order to make it as a golfer you need to look and act like a golfer. You won’t learn how to swing a golf club overnight, so don’t let yourself get too frustrated. Practice as often as you can. Many golfers have been practicing for years with the utmost dedication and observation before becoming comfortable with their swings. Even pro golfers don’t make a perfect drive every time.

Most golfers are on track with their initial swing approach. The trouble starts when they stray by suddenly losing their grip or changing their stance.

Your first step to perfecting your swing is finding a club that feels good to you. The length of club must be perfect, and the grip should be just right. It’s also important to feel relaxed as you approach the tee. Try to stay calm, and don’t tense up. When your body is relaxed, you can naturally take your stance. This relaxed stance is so important in performing a great swing. Without the right body position you’ll have a poor back swing, a poor downswing and poor follow through. You body position must stay strong throughout the back swing, downswing and follow through. Practice is paramount in becoming a great golfer.

When you’re ready to swing, take the club and raise it to the proper height in the backswing. As you swing downward, you’ll be in the downswing position. This is when you’ll hit the ball. Finally, complete your follow through or you will send the ball off-course. It can get costly to replace box after box of golf balls, but practicing your swing will help to keep those balls on the green.

Instructional videos and DVDs can be great ways to find extra help with your swing. You can also hire a professional instructor. It can be expensive to take private lessons, but the one-on-one instruction and hands-on experience is usually worth the money. Where cash is a concern, you’ll get just as much benefit from getting out on the course and practicing. Try visiting a driving range a few times a week. Practice your swing by driving a few buckets of balls. With simple trial and error, you’ll find your own ways to improve and perfect your swing.

The difference between good golfers and great golfers is huge. That difference usually lies in the swing. Try practicing your swing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your game will improve.