Great Gifts for Grads

Ah, graduation. Remember that soaring feeling of freedom? That excitement of stepping out into a whole new world of choices and decisions, all made by you? There’s no doubt that graduation, whether it be from high school, college, or grad school, is a wonderful milestone in life.

But what do you give to commemorate such a milestone? Something useful? Something time-honored that they’ll keep forever? Something fun to say, “Hey! Good Job!”?

It’s a personal decision, so we’ll give you both sides of the fence here, from the seriously special to the downright fun.

For a Creative Gift

Think about what you really missed when you went away to college (or what you missed when you left college and stepped out into the real world). Think about that first week in your dorm room, sleeping with a bunch of strangers. Why not put some creative thinking to work and stock up a ‘Going Away’ trunk? Fill it with snacks, a comfy blanket, a travel mug for coffee, and any other little things your grad might need at school (or, at their first day on the job).

You could also think about throwing in some fun, reusable water bottles. Those are always handy!

For a Healthy Gift

Give him or her ways to combat the ‘Freshman 15′ (you know, the fabled 15 pounds that every freshman puts on when they start college?) Create a portable fitness kit for him, or make her a gift basket full of healthy, organic snacks. Or, instead of throwing it all in a basket, why not put it all in a brand new backpack or laundry bag?

For Pure Decadence and Fun

Ok, so here’s where you can splurge if you’re feeling extravagant. Remember how, well, yucky those showers could be in the dorm? Why not stock her up on the nicest soaps and shampoos, all in a portable plastic basket she can carry to the bathroom. Don’t forget the flip-flops (and perhaps a luxurious bathrobe).

For the Time-Honored Gift

When is jewelry not appreciated? A diamond necklace or silver bracelet is a great way to honor your grad’s accomplishment, and it’s something he or she will keep forever.

Or, what about some books on how to navigate his way through school (or, the real world for that matter …) Again, these could be put in a new backpack or briefcase.

For a Technology Gift

Well, you’ve got about a million choices in this category! You could get her a PDA to help manage all those parties she’s going to be attending (and she might, occasionally, use it to track homework assignments!).

How about a nice pair of headphones for his iPod for when he has to walk to class (or to work)? Or you might consider a flash drive for his laptop to make it easy to transfer files.

Digital cameras also make great gifts, especially if your grad is starting college. They’ll be able to take plenty of pictures to send home to their family!

With all the great gifts available for grads, there’s no doubt that with a little creativity you can come up with something special, useful, or just fun to honor this momentous occasion.

Copyright (c) 2007 Pat Brill