Grease Tickets Are The Most Wanted

A lover reveals his true self after spending mushy moments with a girl at the beach. The girl is Sandy, a virtuous young thing, with her head at its place. And the guy is Danny Zucko, a flirtatious lad with a chilled-out attitude. After knowing about her lover, the girl has to decide whether she wants to continue loving him or not.

This is the story of “Grease”, a marvelous depiction of teenage love. But it is not any other love story; it is the story that revolves around making decisions and learning the hard truths of life. “Grease” portrays the pop culture of 80’s. The unexpected twists in the story make it even more thrilling. The smashing music has no match for words!

The audience simply loves the scene where Danny, the popular guy of high school, comes in contact with Sandy, the simple next-door girl. How he falls head over heels with her! With slicked hair and denim wear, Danny tries to woo Sandy. Does he win her? Well, it’s up to you to see for yourself!

When Danny and Sandy meet, the story is transformed into a rock’n’roll party. The hit songs echo the theatre and make the audience go in frenzy. Some of the hit numbers are ‘Could Do’, ‘Summer Nights’, and ‘Beauty School Dropout’. On top of it, the stunning performance of the lead characters is enough to make “Grease” an unforgettable Broadway musical show.

The irresistible music is given by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. The splendid choreography is given by Patricia Birch. The show promises that you won’t be able to sit quietly on your seat as the story goes on. Once the rock’n’roll party begins, you will up on your feet, shaking your body with the fine tunes!

Do you know that “Grease” was shown in Canada for six long years without break? No other show could compete with the success of this high school teen musical, except “Chorus Line”.

Another amazing thing secret about “Grease” is that the original show was of five hours! When it was opened in New York theatres, it was reduced to two hours. The original show did not star any big actor, but amateur actors who were struggling to make it big. In addition to this, the scenes were shot at a humble garage backdrop; no lavish sets or opulent costumes. It was a simple beginning for “Grease”. However, the result was astounding. It was so great that Jacobs and Casey would have never thought of it while making this play.

Now, who would want to miss such a great Broadway musical? Certainly not any music lover! And if you don’t want to stand and stare at fans entering the theatre, act fast. Book your tickets now or else you will be left out. The tickets have become one of the hottest commodities right now.

Dial a number or log online. Do whatever; but do not let “Grease” perform without you!