Graduate Surveyors In The United Kingdom

In the field of cartography, there are few jobs that are as uniquely suited to a graduate’s skills as the graduate surveyor. Surveyors are familiar figures in a variety of fields, mapping out residential and commercial lots for construction companies or determining the best land area for an urban planning firm. Graduate surveyors have a combination of skills that make their presence invaluable in the United Kingdom. Few people outside of cartography or engineering know how to make an accurate map, assess soil samples, or determine the structural issues of building on a certain type of land. Graduate surveyors in the United Kingdom can find work in a variety of fields.

Graduate surveyors in the United Kingdom work quite a bit as consultants to military organizations and defence contractors. The military needs surveyors to oversee soldiers in the mapping of new terrain or providing consultations on the creation of new facilities. As well, defence contractors need surveyors to determine whether a certain land area is ideal for testing new products. Surveyors in the military or in defence contracting firms make a solid wage and provide a public service in the defence of the United Kingdom.

While there are plenty of surveyors in the UK defence industry, graduates with experience in surveying often go into the engineering field to use their skills. Engineering firms need maps, blueprints, and other documents created with the help of surveyors. Surveyors head out to work sites to determine whether the geographical location is ideal for a certain project and what long term issues may come from developing on a certain piece of land. Graduate surveyors also work as consultants to design teams, as they provide input on the land shape and geological issues that may affect a project. Graduate surveyors often find engineering positions to be the most lucrative, as the success of conceptual development depends entirely on the land used.

The third option for graduate surveyors is to work in academia, usually at the university level. Surveyors who are exceptional in their course work and take on advanced educational opportunities can work as teachers or research assistants at UK universities. As well, talented surveyors can teach the next generation of surveyors about the skills needed to succeed in the profession. Finally, the trend toward vocational schools in the United Kingdom means that there is a market for young professionals who want to help graduates learn the ins and outs of surveying.