Graduate Field Sales Positions

On the front lines of the UK and European corporate buying market are field sales people from a variety of industries. Medical equipment sales people provide information and high quality service to hospitals and health care providers who need to help their patients get better. Insurance sales people work with human resources managers in a variety of industries to develop corporate insurance programs that fit the need of a particular company. Food wholesale companies work with grocers and restaurateurs to find the best food for their customers. All in all, field sales positions in the UK and Europe are critical to the success of companies. For graduates just entering the work force, field sales opportunities offer the best chance at a great salary and a good learning experience.

Field sales positions are abundant for graduates who are interested in the profession and for those who want to gain professional experience right out of university. In fact, many companies offer incentives for exceptional graduates to apply, train, and work within their sales departments. These incentives can include a bonus after six months of pay, referral incentives, and drawings for items like DVD players for sales graduates during their training session. Typically, companies offer sales training and scenarios for their new sales graduates in order to craft the best possible workforce. An increasing number of companies contract their training sessions to recruiting companies, so it pays for graduates to apply directly with those recruiters to find their next job.

Graduates who are concerned about their salary during their time as field sales representatives should think about the long term benefits of their career. Entry level field sales professionals begin with a base salary between 22,000 and 28,000 pounds, depending on company size and industry. While graduates may be looking for more money to pay off school loans and other debt, field sales lends itself to bigger and better things. Performance incentives ensure that graduates who are determined sales people can earn many thousands of pounds annually.

Field sales representatives often receive raises only months after starting their jobs, dependent on company performance and department sales. As well, field sales graduates in most industries can advance quickly from entry level positions. Sales management and executive positions are filled by exceptional sales talents with only a few yearsÂ’ experience within the company. Graduates who want secure jobs and an opportunity to control major sales campaigns should consider a job in field sales.