Good Meditation Books

Meditation from the Mat is a daily reflection guide by a
yoga teacher named Rolf Gates. Each day has a different
meditation giving you something to think about as well as
support on the path. His words will deepen the practice of
any yoga or meditation student and you can feel his love and
dedication in his writings.

Gates has an interesting background including his past as an
army ranger, recovering alcoholic and an enthusiastic yoga
teacher. I like this book because the quotes can be
integrated into daily life and helps deepen the study of the
timeless teachings. Anyone who enjoys reading Patanjali’s
sutras will appreciate this book.

There are many meditation books available for those seeking
basic instructions as well as more in-depth explanations in
philosophy and spiritual development. Popular books include:
“Insight Meditation- Step by step Course on How to Meditate”
by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein, “Walking
Meditation” by Anh Huong Nguyen , “Meditation for Dummies”
by Stephan Bodian and Dean Ornish and “Meditations from the
Mat” by Rolf Gates.

Asking one’s priest, minister or rabbi for a meditation book
recommendation can also be very useful as he can direct you
to something that will work well with your concerns and
temperament. Keep in mind that initially in meditation the
mind may be seem to be very jumpy, but this quality calms
down with practice and insights.