Good Luck on Demand

One of my associates at work would appear to be the luckiest man on the job. Things just seem to work out for him.

Those who know him, describe him as lucky. Harry associates all the good things which happen to him as coming from being lucky. He believes these things to be random acts of good fortune he has no control over.

Sometimes Harry even credits his dead son for looking out for him. Harry has no power or control over these events because he has given it away. He won’t take responsibility for his luck.

Most of us are like that, we won’t accept the accountability of our own circumstances. We will judge and complain when luck does not come visiting, and we are envious of those who seem to have more luck than ourselves.

The one obvious attribute of luck is it is always given to us. We have to rely on someone or something else to send us luck. We are not lucky when no one is giving us luck. Therefore, luck is unreliable and whimsical and relegated to the precious few.

Luck, chance and good fortune are not as elusive at they may seem. No physical event can happen unless there is a thought behind it. Luck has intelligence driving it, and it does not come from external forces. There can never be a random event called luck because all aspects of spirit must be in agreement for any circumstance to manifest. You cannot give luck to me unless I desire it, or the outcome of the luck. At some point I must wish or desire a thing or an event to occur before luck can be created.

Therefore all events are created by you, by your desire to have it happen. A lucky event is a manifestation of your desire to experience something. In fact, all the things you do are lucky events. The term “lucky” refers to obvious spectacular events which do not normally come into your awareness. You may win big time on a slot machine and call that luck. However, all you really did was to have a desire to win big, and then place yourself in the right place at the right time to experience it. This is most always done at a subconscious level, as one is not focusing on the details of the process, but allowing the outcome to manifest itself. Luck does not happen to us-we create the circumstances to demonstrate luck.

We may experience luck in our awareness everyday once we understand we are creating it. Lucky events are created in order to manifest a desire-they are ordinary events given spotlight to an unenlightened mind. They are everyday natural occurrences blown out of proportion. People who are more knowing of a desired outcome will experience “luck” more often as they learn to use effectively the law of attraction.

Waiting for luck is a waist of our time. Luck comes when we already know the outcome of any desire. While you wait for luck to come to you, you have given your power away to create it. You have given the power to someone else to create it for you, and you will be waiting for a very long time. The quickest way to experiencing your desires is to know you already have them. Know what you desire and you will experience it. Wait for an outcome and that is what you will experience-waiting. Wait for luck and it will not find you. Take responsibility for your power to create and you will experience luck, chance and good fortune everyday.