Good Decisions Around A Commercial Business Financing Loan In Canada – Canadian Lending Options

Don’t go on wondering if you feel you that as a business owner or financial manager you don’t understand your options around Canadian lending around a commercial business financing loan. Let’s cover off some key groundwork around possibilities and the players.

In many cases certain types of business financing in Canada should be viewed as a specialty or a niche. The financial borrowings you entertain might be subsets of a certain type of financing. Some specialty areas that you might consider are of course bank debt, typically viewed as the most senior and least expensive method of borrowing if your firm qualifies.

Other more esoteric areas, but still viable, popular, and in fact growing in popularity are areas such as purchase order financing, confidential invoice discounting , asset based lending, bridge financing and mezzanine and sub debt financing . We would venture to say that in some cases you may have not even heard of some of these financing possibilities, let along of course understand the benefits of and requirement around successfully completing such financing .

The major8ty of Canadian business owners think in terms of our Chartered Banks when it comes to revolving lines of credit and term loans for equipment and working capital. However the reality is that you should be also assessing the merits of an asset based lender, a very unique and often independent commercial business financing firm that relies almost totally on your asset base of receivables, inventory and equipment and real estate (or combinations thereof) to provide you with a commercial business financing loan structured as a line of credit. Their expertise and industry and asset knowledge quite often exceeds that of many commercial bankers in Canada, if only for the fact this is their sole focus.

Term loans in Canada for either equipment or cash flow tend to b e three to five years in term duration. On occasion a firm needs what is termed a ‘ bulge ‘ or a ‘ bridge’ loan type of lending that satisfied a unique need at a certain point in time for your firm. Typically these loans are then taken out or refinancing under better rates, terms and structures once the initial need around the bridge loan is satisfied – for example a temporary working capital bulge .

Many firms entertain cash flow, or what is known as ‘ mezzanine ‘ type financing to satisfy a lending need that can’t be arranged via your senior lender, i.e. the bank for example. Commercial mortgages are also often viewed as a financing vehicle, often in the context of a re financing of real estate for working capital purposes.

Hundreds of equipment leasing and financing companies in Canada also can solve your lending conundrum – acquiring special assets that have value and revenue generation for your firm.

Private equity in Canada has tended to be somewhat under the radar but continues to grow as a commercial lending option. In return for giving up a portion of your ownership the use of private equity allows you to focus on a variety of options, including, but not limited to: growing our business, refinancing your capital base, going private if you’re a public firm, and in many cases allowing you to work out of a distress or challenged period. Naturally a majority or minority controlling interest comes with that equity scenario.

The process involved in any significant commercial business financing loan is rarely different – you want to be in a position to highlight management capability, have reasonable financial target and goals , and willing to go through the proper level of due diligence relative to the size and type of financing you are entertaining.

Consider seeking and speaking to credible, trusted and experienced Canadian business financing advisor with the credentials to assist you in determining the right commercial business financing loan in the context of Canadian lending. The skills and expertise in business financing that an advisor brings will help position your firm for business financing success.