Good Car Stereo Components

Components To Look For In A Good Car Stereo

A regular stock car stereo system might be fine for some, but for those who value superior audio quality, what most automakers put into place simply won’t do. So, even before the sticker’s even off the windshield, they start shopping for a replacement.

Looking for the best in higher-end car stereo systems can be a little tricky. There are so many component options, a buyer might be overwhelmed. Making choices on what to buy and what to pass on comes down to personal choice. Once the receiver and a good set of speakers is in place, the rest is just icing on the cake so to say.

Let’s take a look at some of the main options for a higher end system that includes add ons.

Receiver/radio: This is the heart of the system. Without a good radio, which also controls add ons, a driver might as well stick with stock.

Speakers: These can be coaxial, which means the woofer and tweeter come in a single package, or they can be elaborate single item buys that are set up and configured for optimum sounds. The non-coaxial type is the one chosen by many sound perfectionists.

CD player: This has become a standard feature in most car stereo system. Often included with the radio/receiver, the CD player is a feature that surpasses old cassettes by allowing higher quality sounds and more of an ease of use.

CD/MP3 player: The inclusion of an MP3 reader with a CD gives a driver a lot of options a regular CD play cannot. MP3s allow for greater choice of music for the driver and work in conjunction with paid download services for creating personalized “albums.”

Equalizer, amplifier: These add ons improve sound quality and power. Not everyone necessarily needs them, but with the right speaker capacity, they can turn a basic CD or MP3 sound into something that rivals an actual concert.

Material quality: Since cars can be subjected to extreme temperatures, it’s a good idea to choose equipment that’s made of higher quality parts. Sometimes this means having a pay a little more, but the rewards will be worth it.

Creating a perfect stereo system for a car is a matter of choice. If sound quality and power matter, the higher end equipment is probably the way to go. If basic clarity is all that’s desired, a fairly simple and affordable system should suffice.