Good Advice On How To Spend your Holiday In Europe

At some point in your life you should experience Europe. When you think of Europe the first thing that comes to mind might be a famous capitol of Europe such as Paris, London, Rome, Berlin or Copenhagen. Try reading as much as you possibly can about Europe before planning what you want to experience. Ask for travel books at your local second-hand bookstore. Of course you would love to spend as little money as possible on a holiday trip like this. In this article I will explain how you find the cheapest tickets to Europe.

Often the travel agencies offer complete packages that includes much more than just the airline ticket. The first thing you should do is to take a closer look at the airline ticket. Often it will be cheaper than the prices offered on the airline companies websites. Find the airline company that offers the lowest price. Check out Travelocity and other holiday comparison sites. They will give you a broad overview of what is available and it will be much easier for you to find the cheapest holidays offered.

After you have found the cheapest holiday offers write them down. Afterwards you should contact your local agency and see if they can beat any of the prices you have found on the internet.

If you can travel whenever it suits you should try to contact the airline companies and join their stand by system. In the happening of a cancellation the airline company is eager to fill that empty seat. You will probably get the seat at a very reduced price compared to the original price. The airline companies want to make sure that they have as many passengers on each flight as possible. In reality though you might need to be in the terminal waiting for a cancellation to happen. Obviously this could turn into very long waiting time and you can never be absolutely sure that you will actually get a ticket.

One final place you might want to try is is a website where you put the max price that you would like to buy the ticket for. My advice to you is to set the price at least 20% under the lowest price you have found so far.