Golf “Specific” Exercises – Are They Over Hyped Or Do They “REALLY” Help?

Fitness plays an extremely important role in any sport as it not only helps you improve your game, but also reduces your risk to injury. If you really want to achieve your golf performance goals, you will need to pay special attention to fitness, but not just any type of fitness training will do for golfer’s. I’ll explain in a moment. There are many easy to follow programs, complete with easy to follow illustrations on Golf Fitness.

Why Is Fitness So Important?

The game of golf requires you to walk long distances and applies special stress on your back. If you don¬ít follow the correct fitness routine that employs exercises like “golf specific” stretching, you will definitely suffer. Simple stretching exercises can easily become a part of your warm up routine on the golf course and will help you add a few more yards to your drive. It is common sense that if you strengthen your muscles, you are going to be able to play better.

The key to success lies in performing these stretches daily. Although it requires hard work to add a regularly scheduled golf workout to your day, the outcome is well worth it. The right fitness regimen will improve your game quickly and dramatically. Golf fitness is not just about improving your posture or being able to swing better. It is about keeping yourself healthy when you are on the course.

Small changes can improve your performance dramatically. You might consider carrying a double strapped golf bag, rather than a single strap one when you are walking. This will distribute the weight on your shoulders and back and help reduce the chances of a backache. Even the clothes you wear to your game will play an extremely important role in keeping you fit to play the game!

Specific “Golf” Stretching Will Help You

The game requires a lot of strength and muscle control as hitting the golf ball cosistantly at a high rate of speed while playing a round of golf can be physically demanding.

The important thing about golf fitness is that, unlike other sports, playing golf does not necessarily improve your “golf specific” fitness. You need to follow an exercise routine that will help you strengthen your “golf specific” muscles. This will help you increase your club head speed and driving distance.

A variety of golf fitness products are available in the market these days. Most of these products come with a manual that instructs you to perform certain golf specific exercises. Muscles need to be kept at their optimum length. Stretching is important as it relaxes the muscles and forces them out of contraction. When the muscles are in a constant state of contraction, you need more energy to perform a task. Stretching is particularly important for your back.

Since golf puts a lot of strain on your back, including stretching exercises in your fitness routine is mandatory. It’s very important to do an equal amount of stretching AFTER you exercise. This enables you to enhance your flexibility as your muscles will stretch more easily once they’re “warmed up” and it will also help you to prevent soreness, especially when first starting out.