Golf Is A Game Of Integrity

Golf is a game that relies on the honesty of you the player. Another player is not always there to observe your every movement. In essence it is easy to cheat.

It is possible to nudge a golf ball into a marginally better position, miscount your strokes, move the ball fractionally closer to the hole when replacing it on the green, and so on. It’s also possible to cheat in other ways like throwing the last few holes so as to keep your handicap artificially high or to “give” yourself a few questionable putts or mulligans if you want your handicap to go down.

Golf relies upon the players’ integrity and honesty in not doing these types of things. The vast majority of golfers in fact pride themselves upon their integrity. It’s part of what we like about the game. We like the rules and structure of the game. We like to know that we spend our time socializing with other like-minded people who possess the same principles as ourselves.

Integrity also applies to golf in another way in the sense of respect for the other players. This is an aspect of the game that a small number of players are more wont to compromise.

One way this might happen is when a player becomes frustrated and angry with his or her own game and allows his or her emotions to impact upon the entire group of players. Every golfer has no doubt come across a golfer who has reacted in this manner.

A more subtle example would be when a person is overly competitive and allows their desire to win to compromise their attitude towards their fellow golfers. This may be exemplified by displaying a lack of trust in the other golfers ability to count their shots. They may question the other players’ game in all manner of ways so as to imply they do not know the rules or haven’t played by the rules. They may do all manner of things with the conscious or unconscious intent to put the other person off their stroke.

Only a golfer with a rather low degree of integrity would do these things. Golf is a game that is essentially a game between you and the course. It is within yourself. There are off course other games within the game of golf that do pitch you against other players in a more competitive manner, yet even so your game is still really against the course.

A player who has high integrity will treat others as they wish to be treated themselves. They will respect and encourage the other golfer and will them to play their very best. They want to win by playing their very best as opposed to winning by putting the other person off. They want the other players to play brilliantly and to rise up to that challenge.

The attitude that a golfer brings to this game of course also reflects his or her attitude towards life in general. Simply by playing a couple of rounds of golf with someone you will learn enough about that person to decide whether you want them as a friend or not!

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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