Golf Fitness is the Stealth Secret

Look at yourself; you’re certainly not getting any younger or any thinner. We have all put on a few pounds during the holidays but if our goal is to play better golf in 2007 any beyond then having a golf specific routine is essential. Don’t worry you won’t need to spend a couple of hours in the gym every day and you don’t even need to join a gym, unless you want to. Some of us are more disciplined than others and can keep on task without having a drill instructor barking at us during our workout. You have to know which style will work best for you. You also need to be honest with yourself; do you truly want to change?

We all need a little guidance as to what specifically do we need to work on for a golf specific workout. I have discovered that you can perform all the stretching and weight training necessary to improve your strength and flexibility for your golf game at home with very little equipment

I rely on Mike Pedersen’s expertise as one of the pioneers and foremost experts in the field of Golf Fitness. Mike is straight forward and no nonsense when it comes to his approach to Golf Fitness. You can check out Mike selection of DVDs for training at his premier website Perform Better Golf.

A couple of stealth secrets, and I refer to them as stealth secrets because your golf buddies don’t ever have to know what you are doing, would be things like being properly warmed up before your round as well as eating properly before and during the round so you don’t hit the proverbial wall and run out of energy.

Have you ever arrived at the golf course about 5 minutes before your tee time and it took you 4 or 5 holes to really start playing your normal game? I’m sure the scores on those first couple of holes were higher than you are used to scoring and probably ruined your whole round. You deserve better than that! With the knowledge of a couple of simple stretches that you could perform on the tee box you could have played better right from the start, instead of wasting 4 or 5 holes to get warmed up during the round.

Do you ever run out of energy on the golf course and then your concentration waivers and your swing will start to get sloppy and your score will sky rocket! This scenario may start to take place on the 6th or 7th hole, so when you get to the halfway shack or clubhouse you decide you are going to have a hot dog and a soda and a bag of chips and maybe a candy bar as well. Your stomach is full but your game doesn’t get any better until maybe the 16th hole on in. Why do you think this happens? Because your body doesn’t digest that food immediately and quite frankly you chose the wrong type of food. Think of water and nutrition bars and trail mix instead of having a full meal at the turn. Also think of snacking through the entire round so that your blood sugar doesn’t get messed up.

Taking advantage of a couple of these stealth secrets can decrease your scores and increase your enjoyment on the golf course. The best part of all is that nobody needs to know except you!