Golf Fitness And Health

Whether you are just getting started with golf or you are a seasoned player just coming off their off-season, here are some fitness ideas to help you condition for the game of golf.

The first thing you have to work on in golf fitness is your flexibility. Which makes sense, because in order to execute your golf swing correctly you have to develop the range of motions within your joints and muscles. Flexibility exercises should be done no less than four days a week. So that the exercises can be done correctly, allow ten to fifteen per session. Make sure you pay very close attention to your technique. If you aren’t doing your exercises correctly, then you won’t be doing any good for your golf game. And, finally, as always recommended please check with a doctor or physician before starting any type of exercise program.

You also need to incorporate strength training in your golf fitness program. The important thing with strength training is similarity. You want to do exercises that closely resemble your golf swing or at least a certain phase of it.

Stretching is common in all golfers, especially older players. But it is much different than stretching for a run. You should include mostly rotational stretches in your fitness program for your core, lower back, shoulders and hips. This will certainly improve your game on the course.

If you combine your strengthening and stretching exercises then you will be able to get maximum results. For every strength exercise you do, you need a stretch exercise for that muscle you are working.

Another body part that needs to be strengthened for golf is your wrist. Your wrists play an important part in your golf swing. They control the club and provide the power behind your swing. You need to incorporate some wrist strengthening exercises into your program that will strengthen them for their role.

It is important to stay healthy for you perfect golf game. Look after yourself and condition properly.

– Warm up properly with some stretches and practice swings.

-That sun can be lethal on a warm Saturday morning. Protect yourself with sunglasses and sunscreen.

– As with any outside activity, drink plenty of fluids. Along the course there are several beverages stations, take advantage. And don’t make your beverage of choice an alcoholic one. Alcohol dehydrates.

– When picking anything up, especially those heavy golf bags, lift with your legs.

– Those little golf balls can do a lot of damage if one ever hit you. Be aware of your surroundings and any flying balls.

– If you have any golf-related injuries, seek a professional’s assistance. You don’t want to injure yourself anymore than necessary.

– Get off the course immediately if you see lightning anywhere near the golf course.

SUMMARY: Golf is a physical sport and physical sports need to have players who are conditioned. A fitness program is a good idea for those of you just starting golf or even for those seasoned players to keep up with their game.