Goji Juice – What are Goji Berries?

Goji berries are termed as a gift of life. It is a kind of berry exclusively available in the valleys of Himalayas. It is especially in the less densely populated region of Tibet and Mongolia. It is cherished and celebrated by the native people for its great medicinal value. It is said that taking goji berry in any form leads to an ever youth body and soul. Even at the age of eighty’s one can stay without grey hair and fallen teeth.

Goji berries these days have attained several transformations like juices, capsules, bars, powders and extracts. And the taste is described almost similar to other variety of berries. The Tibetan variety of lyceum berry is alone named as goji berries. It is the botanical collection of these regions which has been invented for its medicinal value by the nomadic people of these areas several centuries ago

It has great anti oxidant property and also believed that the in take of goji berries gives an entire a day of happiness. It is also trusted that people to enable a long life. Though there is several other variety of lyceum available. The Tibetan lyceum is considered to be the mother of all other lyceum and the greatest medicinal benefit than any other similar kind of berries.

Goji berries have earned such a great respect because of the fact they grow only at places unpopulated and have rich soil with multi nutrients. Hence the harvest also ensures the richness of nutrients in its lyceum known as goji berries these days.

Goji berries also have the pride of having the highest nutrient content out of all other varieties of lyceum. They are generally harvested during late summers. They tend to be 100% purity is assured, as there is nil chemical usage in those remote regions.

Though there are several limitless advantages from goji berries the marketing expertise is handled in this too like any other product in order to make it more commercial. As of it is a fact to be accepted that only then people get more aware of it. The more a product is commercialized, the more it reaches consumers.

As a part of commercialization goji berries is also available in d form of chocolates, blended with teas, nutritional supplement, health drink, healthy snack form and many more products are being launched commercially through goji berry as its main ingredients.

Apart from all these product transformation and commercialization through goji berries, Medicinal value tends to be the ultimate advantage of goji berries. It is mainly used in china and it is used to enhance immune system functions, protect the liver, provide good eye sight and improve the blood circulation. Goji berries occupy a main column among the Tibetan traditional medicine.

Over all goji berries have occupied a very vital role in traditional Asian medicine for several centuries ahead. Still its ravishing and abundant nutrition content has been a great mystery in the medicinal field. It has been only an ear-to-ear transformation about its medicinal miracle and benefits through anecdotal evidence to each generation. It’s a must to turn back to these super beneficial products for a better and healthy lifestyle.