Goji Juice Energy Tests Prove What Himalayan Monks Have Known For Centuries

Not many goji juice energy tests have been done in the past but there are some studies about it.

Goji Juice is made from the pulp of the Goji fruit grown in the Himalayan highlands of Tibet, and has been used for years by Tibetans to improve life energy flows and overall health and well being.

While expensive, the juice is rich in phytochemicals and anti-oxidants, and has been tested with having very high energy levels of 355,000 Bovis, or 6000 Hertz.

The Bovis, named after French chemist Antoine Bovis, is a measure of natural earth energy in a subject, and is used to measure Ley lines and other phenomena with known physical interactions with the world.

The average human has a ground state of 6,500 Bovis, and anything ingested with less than that amount is deleterious to the kanampun energy field that is fundamental to all living things. Anything ingested that exceeds 6,500 Bovis provides greater energy, that can be felt in spiritual and physical and mental healthy effects.

Recent studies have shown that Bovis correspond to the quantum state of molecules and the direction of spin of the electrons that make up electron shells.

Right handed spin corresponds to a higher Bovis level, and left handed spin corresponds to a lower Bovis level. Even on the Quantum Mechanical level, Goji juice energy tests are documented and documented well!

Bovis levels also correspond to the Hertz energy level, which is a measure of vibrational energy. Goji juice energy test showed, that Goji resonates with all living things at a Hertz level of 6,000, which is 6 kilohertz.

This detection is much more subtle than Hertz as used for audio signals, and represents the interaction of the Kanampun energy fields that tie all living things together. Higher levels of the Hertz number mean that the Goji juice connects you more thoroughly with your surroundings.

The benefits of the Goji berry and its juice have been known to Tibetan Monks since the formation of the world, and this holy berry has been attributed to several miracles, which have now been numerically verified by Science.

So, how much Goji juice should you have every day?

At a minimum, you should be consuming eight 8-oz glasses of water per day for proper hydration. Goji juice supplements this nicely.

Likewise, you should not overheat on hot summer nights as it causes the blood and energy to stagnate – it brings you out of tune with the kanampun energy fields that link you to the rest of the world, and provide good energy flow.

We recommend drinking at least 8 ounces of Goji juice every day to keep your energy levels in balance, and to keep your quantum resonance with the Hertz level accurate and sufficient to maintain an active and healthy life!