Going back to work on emphysema

Don’t be trapped by negativity

Emphysema is a progressive disease. Once patients get to the point that they can’t engage in lung rehabilitation, they end up unable to get out of the chair, shut in at home because they can’t do anything. This is the negative prognosis for the disease, which will undoubtedly travel with you on your journey with emphysema. But with a bit of luck and the right combination of emphysema treatments, you don’t need to fall into the trap of imprinting negativity on your life.

Live a fulfilling productive life

Emphysema has the potential to take over your life, but if you are careful with your emphysema, you can have a well fulfilled, happy and productive life. After your diagnosis, and a period to acclimatize to your new health status, you may consider working again. Up until the point where your emphysema becomes difficult to handle naturally, emphysema treatment and active lifestyle choices should be the way to go for most patients. And when the symptoms of emphysema get unbearable, you can take more radical action to delay the progression of the disease towards incapacity.

Just diagnosed? Manage your emphysema symptoms first

If your emphysema symptoms have only just been recognized as such, you are probably feeling a combination of shortness of breath and sluggishness that results from lack of oxygen in your blood stream. It is at this stage that you should learn to manage your emphysema symptoms to reduce to a minimum the negative effects of the disease on your daily life including your social and working relations.

Career break, career change

Depending on the nature of your work up until that point, you might have to take up a new career that involves considerably less moving about. Office jobs may strike an active worker as tedious, but all that paper pushing will still keep you occupied, and in constant touch with fellow human beings, something that staying stuck at home won’t give you, for sure. When applying for new jobs with emphysema, you can be reassured that anti-discriminatory regulations apply.

Combat discrimination

If you feel that a potential employer is hesitating to employ you because of your emphysema, point out your greater experience in the world, your knowledge of the field of work and your eagerness of be of assistance. People who have never suffered from a potentially debilitating disease will not be as keen as you to contribute. After all, you know how much it means to make an input into the running of society better than any fresh graduate. Even if you are not entirely convinced by this course of argumentation, it’s worth reaffirming it to yourself, as you will need plenty of self confidence to overcome the symptoms and social reactions to emphysema in the work place.

Build social networks

So, having followed a course of natural treatment for emphysema such as cutting out cigarettes, eating well and taking plenty of rest, you are now treating the social side of the disease by getting out there and making yourself useful. Both sides of natural emphysema treatment are essential to prolonging your enjoyment of life for as long as possible. And this in its turn is important for when you have to make more radical changes to your life, possibly including an operation to remove some of the problem itself. As scientific research and medical practice becomes more advanced, your options become stronger. If you need surgery to remove poorly parts of your lung, you need the extra time the medical world has spent on getting it just right.

Surgical solutions

Today, the success rate for radical emphysema treatments just gets higher and higher. So you may be carrying on working even after your emphysema symptoms get worse. As one patient of a lung operation recently said, “I’m looking forward to spring so I can plant some flowers. There are just so many things that are a breeze now. I don’t hesitate to walk in a store. I have found since the emphysema surgery that I no longer spend every moment thinking about whether I can do this or do that, or if I’m going to be able to breathe or not. It’s not my number one thing anymore.” Take heart from stories like this one to make positive changes that will optimize your life with emphysema.