God’s Power and Men’s Faith

“God is the most powerful and all I have to do is be faithful”. This is what I always tell to my self during my trials and difficulties in life. And graciously, it always works! It helps me a lot to stands in whatever hardships and tests I encounter in my life. It gave me a powerful confidence that helped me achieved most of my life’s successes. God’s power is incomparable and immeasurable and I always believe that He can solve all kinds of our problems according to His will. But of course we shall also remember that not all our wants and wishes will be granted by God. God knows what are best for us and He will not give us or grant us anything that will weaken our souls.
Obviously, there are a lot people who easily lose hope and faith when they encounter problems. Some even commit suicides losing hope and the will to go on. These people don’t have faith in God. Perhaps, this is because they don’t really know God is and His power. Is God really powerful? Yes He is powerful. His powers are unimaginable. One of God’s greatest powers that I can imagine is the power that He used when He created Heaven and Earth. Now can you imagine the power I imagine? Can you imagine how far this power is to the power that you had ever known? If your problem is a house, then don’t have worries, God created us Earth. If you’re a man and you’re problem is a girl, then worry no more, God created billions of ladies for us to choose one. If you’re problem is your face, then don’t worry, He gave us minds and spirits. And finally if you’re problem is death, then never had worries, He created heaven for us.

We must have faith in God. He is perfect and truly deserves a perfect trust. Although, He is the most powerful spirit in existence, it doesn’t mean he can do everything. He can never lie. This is what God can’t do. That’s what makes Him perfect and that’s the reason why we can fully trust in Him. God also don’t know everything. He don’t know exactly what a person or human will choose or will. This is because God created men with the power of free will. This is not a weakness of God, but this is what makes God a perfect and powerful creator.

If we have faith in God, then we can say that we have also faith in ourselves because we are bringing ourselves in the right direction. With ourselves in God’s hands, we can assure that we are in the right place and the right side. God will truly protect us and keep us away from evils and temptations. He will nurture and strengthen our hearts and souls with His love and wisdom. To be in God’s hands, we must offer and surrender ourselves appropriately to Him. We must make ourselves clean and faithful souls. We must also embrace and obey God’s commandments, commandments that are made by God for our own good.

God is almighty, perfect, kind, just and true. With these attributes, we must go back and stay with His hands, be protected by His almighty power and be thankful for all the greatest things He gave to us. His power overcomes our worries and fears on problems and trials that we face. His love and kindness promise us eternal life and happiness. His honesty assured us hope and faith. God is truly powerful and we should be faithful.