God Having A Human Experience

Years ago if someone had declared themselves God; I would have wanted proof. Now I know that it is a very enlightened declaration of spiritual reality. In fact I can now fully appreciate the fact that I am God having a human experience as is everyone else. It is a declaration of “I Am” which is the true nature or name of the creator a.k.a. God.

As a paradox it cannot be proven or demonstrated. It would seem that you are more than the physical being yet you cannot demonstrate the power you claim to have as the creator. You are and you are not that which you claim to be.

I watched a movie some time ago. It was about an American federal agent who was chosen to go underground in a national prison to investigate the warden who was suspected of being corrupt. The investigator was sent in as an inmate knowing that he could not declare himself an agent because he would be killed. He also had the understanding from his superiors that they would deny involvement because they didn’t want the warden to know he was being investigated. The agent had to get the proof first before he would be extracted from the system.

The agent was to live as the others, powerless and dependent on his fellow inmates and the system for survival. He had no special privileges or position in the population. He had to live by the rules and try to survive with no hope of rescue until he had walked his chosen path or completed his assignment. The only difference between him and the rest of the population was that he was looking at it from a different reality. His unique perspective helped him to survive; a knowingness that gave him great strength and comfort in a hostile environment. Although he had the power of a federal agent, he could not declare himself to the population. Many would not believe him, some would want special favours and others would want revenge and the warden would be tipped off. “I am a federal agent having a con experience” is not an announcement you make in prison.

Likewise “I am God having a human experience” is something you have to know inside to give you the strength to survive in what can sometimes appear to be a hostile physical environment. But it is not something you announce to an unenlightened world. The comfort in knowing that, is yours alone, in your moments of silence between what is and is not. You are the creator of your own experience and you can leave at any time you want to, once you have experienced what you came here for. But you can never declare yourself as God; you can only know yourself as God having a human experience in the body known as that who your parents have declared you to be.

The comfort in knowing this comes from having a way out at your choosing, and in knowing that you did this from free choice. Your true identity can never be destroyed or harmed and you have the power to change your situation in any moment. Although your mission is not to expose anyone; it is to experience an aspect of yourself as God in the physical world, anonymously. Your body/ego is a means to an end, it is not the end. To experience the power of the creator, you must know yourself as the creator. In the moment that you choose to be human, you will limit yourself to the power of a human. In knowing that you are both, you live in unlimited power, freedom and oneness with your environment. Living in non-belief of your true nature, limits you to your immediate experience. If you know that you cannot, then you cannot. If you know that you can – you are free, you are no longer desperate, dependant or imprisoned.

You do not have to believe this; but can you imagined how empowered you will be when it becomes your truth. Life becomes less of a struggle and more of an opportunity. When you realize that you have total control over your life and its experiences, how would that make you feel compared to what you believe now? If you are not a creator, then you are a victim. If you do not make decisions then others will do it for you. If you are not a leader then you are a follower and dependant. This is neither good not bad; it is simply about what works or what does not work for you. At sometime in his experience even the creator would want to experience being a follower. That is the true desire or purpose of a creator – to experience everything he/she can imagine. We are all creators by nature even if we choose not to experience being one.

All of us are playing out the rolls put upon us by our parents, family, friends and our environment. We are caught up in the physical world and living in an illusion created by others. The drama is real for most of us and it is only natural to experience being physical as we are here anyways. A gentle relief from the overwhelming ups and downs of physical life comes within the awareness of our true nature; of being the creator of what we experience (God having a physical experience). Within that knowledge is the ability to stand back and watch yourself as the silent observer of your life with great empathy and gratitude for the ego. You are the source of all that is. You are the creator of all things imagined and manifested in the physical world. All events are created by you as an opportunity for you to declare yourself as this or that in the moment. You are the divine inspiration for all that is and the one who experiences it; love your ego, love your experience and love your true nature.