Goals…Why are they SO important?

Goal setting should really be defined as a person creating the future in advance by writing these goals on a paper and doing what ever it takes to make it happen.

Ok, what is the first step? You need to define a goal. You need to know exactly what you want, when you want it, and why you want it. That is your goal. If you don’t know exactly what your goal is, you will not commit to it.

So you need to know what you want to achieve and WRITE it down on a piece of paper. Having your short term goal or long term goal in your head only may not help that much. Every book says that.

When you do write your goals down, you need to ask yourself one important question. Is this goal realistic? Can you really make it work and come true? Do you really believe that you can reach it? Faith is also an important ingredient that can make or break your goal. If you don’t think or believe that you can make your goal a reality, then you probably won’t.

You need to have faith in yourself. You need to have faith in your goals. You need to have faith that you can reach any goal that you set.

You then need to determine what price, what’s the worthiness of that goal. What level of importance are you going to put on it? Is it a want? Is it a need? Is it, “It would be nice to have it”?

You need to make that goal a burning desire. You need to make it a must. It is a “Have to have it no matter what” goal. If you do that then you’re your subconscious mind will look for ways to make that goal a reality. It will give you ideas on how you should go about to achieve it.

Now, short-term goals are usually simpler and easier than long-term goals. Why? Well, writing them can help you have more frequent victories, and building momentum with each one you complete. If you do that, you can have more excitement and more motivation as you reach those goals on time.

When you do reach your short-term goals, don’t forget to reward yourself. This will show you that you can achieve any goal.

A word of warning for the long-term goals that you make. It will be harder to achieve it because as the time goes by, you can get discouraged and lose your interest. Try to set short-term goals. It will keep you more focused and motivated.

If you haven’t achieved your short-term or long-term goal, you will need to look at your goal and change the date, and the action that you have taken when you didn’t reach that goal. Remember, if you take the SAME action that led you to failure then you will probably get the SAME results. You need to take a look from all angles to see what you did and what you can change.

Copyright (c) 2006 Tal Fighel