GO TO THE SOURCE: Are You Looking for Prosperity in the Right Places?

Where are you looking for abundance?

If you are looking to any person, place or thing as the source of your abundance you are looking in the wrong place. Looking for anything outside yourself as your source of financial supply is a distraction that keeps you from a sense of financial security.

Financial security comes from knowing where wealth really exists and how to consistently generate it in your life. Imagine how your life, your business and you would be different if you were assured of financial abundance. Relax and breathe that in for a few moments…

The truth about wealth and success is that they are your Divine inheritance. Your Source of infinite abundance is the Spirit within you.

Abundance is a Spiritual principle. Infinite abundance is the nature of Life itself. The universe is always conspiring for your success in every way.

The Power of Awareness

Awareness is key to a sense of financial security and to consistently experiencing the reality of abundance. It is important that you be aware of two things.

First, awareness of the truth of success and wealth. Infinite Abundance is the natural order of the Universe, the nature of Life and your Divine Inheritance.

Your awareness that your true Source of Abundance lies within you opens the way for that reality to be yours. Abundance is infinite as are the channels through which it can flow into your life.

Second, awareness that faulty beliefs are the core obstacle to success and wealth. Two primary faulty beliefs are a 1) belief in lack and 2) belief that the source of your abundance is “out there.” The people, places and things in your life are channels for your financial supply – not the Source.

Your life experience reflects your beliefs. Your beliefs are disguised as the truth, as the way things are. As a result you look for and find evidence to support whatever beliefs you have.

Your thoughts and feelings, intentions and actions are aligned with your beliefs. This perpetuates the beliefs and the reality that is created by them.

If you are not experiencing the abundance or the sense of financial security that you desire, there is some faulty belief that is getting in the way.

Awareness is like a cosmic flashlight. When you shine the light of awareness on the Truth of wealth and success, that Truth guides your way and becomes the reality in your life.

Shining the light of awareness on a faulty belief in lack — or that your source of abundance is outside of you — acts in the reverse manner. It immediately disempowers the belief. This awareness also ignites the process of its dissolution. As the belief dissolves, so does its reality in your life.

The Four-Step Practice

Once you know the Truth of success and wealth — and the core obstacle that gets in the way — the practice is a four-step process:

1. Become aware of the obstacle — the faulty beliefs.
2. Practice awareness of the Truth — your Source of success and wealth is within you.
3. Allow your awareness of that Truth to become the reality you experience in life.
4. Celebrate abundance and the sense of financial security as it shows up in your life and for others.

Step Into Your Greatness In Abundance…
Go to the Source!