Go Slowly, Act Quickly

Does “Go Slowly, Act Quickly” seem like a paradox to you?

I know that the “go slowly” part might at first sound like a message from another planet. Especially since so many people experience that life on this planet is going increasingly faster.

“Go slowly, act quickly” is the way of wisdom to meet this speed. It empowers you to be available for the personal possibilities available in the global transformation occurring today. And to consciously contribute to it.

What is going faster are the ways we get information, travel and connect with others. As a result we have infinite information always at our fingertips. We can connect with millions of people all over the world in a moment, or after a few hours in flight.

There are ever new and countless opportunities to resolve any life issue and live every life dream calling to us from our inboxes, mailboxes, televisions, radios, books, magazines…

Change is occurring quickly on the planet. The potential for personal change is available on every level. It is truly a phenomenal time to be alive!

And yet…

Change for change sake is not the answer. You don’t need all of the available information. Not all of those connections need to be made. Many seeming opportunities are not for YOU at all but distractions to take you away from “real” opportunities.

“Real” opportunities are those that lead you to greater aliveness, connection and freedom. They lead you to new and greater expression of who you really are.

This is the personal transformation that everyone ultimately years for. And that creates a world that works for everyone.

Here is a key for recognizing real opportunities for the transformation you truly desire.

You have to slow down.

In this age and culture, our very fast minds usually take the reins in an attempt to keep up or to control the pace. And they get very noisy.

The clamor of our minds distracts us from the Spirit within. This inner Spirit is the guide that is always present with the answers to, the direction for and the
knowing of your way to greater aliveness, connection and freedom, to new and greater expression of who you really are.

You have to go slowly to listen for and hear the Spirit within.

And then…

There is another key.

The universe loves speed! Absolutely it does. However, it is not in random actions that it loves speed, or speed for the sake of speed. It loves speed once you hear the Spirit within.

The 4th Commandment of Greatness is “…say ‘Yes’ to the Spirit within without reservation.” When you say “yes” to the Spirit within you are also saying “yes” to your callings, your dreams and your hearts desires. To becoming more of who you really are.

When you hear the Spirit within, say yes and act quickly.

It is in those moments that you hear “Spirit” speak when everything is lined up for the manifestation of that “yes” in your life. Say yes, act quickly and don’t miss this “real” and perfect opportunity.

Step Into Your Greatness Now! Go Slowly, Act Quickly.