Glucosamine for Healthy Bones

Man cannot live on bread alone, and bones can’t be healthy with calcium alone. They also need Glucosamine. The human body naturally produces Glucosamine, but as we grow older, our bodies stop producing enough Glucosamine, causing our bones and joints to wear out at a much faster rate. This affects your hips, knees, and hands, causing bone spurs, pain, deformity, and reduced movement and flexibility.

Glucosamine relieves osteo-related pain, rehabilitates cartilage, repairs joints, and produces synovial fluids. A great deal of research has gone into the benefits of Glucosamine, and when coupled with calcium, it goes a very long way towards keeping bones and teeth healthy, as well as helping to repair bones that have become unhealthy. Glucosamine is also vital in the formation and health of ligaments, tendons, nails, skin, eyes, bones, and heart valves.

Not just any Glucosamine will do, however. You need a high quality Glucosamine, and you need it in liquid form, as opposed to pill or capsule form. Scientists have found that only 10% to 20% of vitamins and minerals in the form of pills and capsules are absorbed by the body, while those same vitamins and liquids in liquid form are absorbed by up to 98%.

This is a huge difference, and your overall health depends a great deal on this difference. It is a shame that so many people think that they are actually getting the vitamins and minerals that they need when they swallow their multi vitamin pill each morning. Furthermore, when seeking relief, it can take up to ten weeks to see any results when taking pills, as opposed to one or two weeks to receive relief when using a liquid formula.

Along with calcium and Glucosamine, the body also requires chondroitin sulfate. This is a glucosaminoglycan that is made up of repeating units of Glucosamine. It is used by cartilage and other joint structures, where it stimulates the production of even more chondroitin sulfate. The body also needs vitamin D3, which helps the body absorb and use calcium.

Look for a supplement which supplies the body with all that it needs for strong bones and teeth. It should contain magnesium, chondroitin, Glucosamine, vitamin D, calcium. and colloidal minerals for better absorption. Zinc, magnesium, copper, and manganese are also included, as these four minerals are vital for proper metabolism in the bone.

All of these ingredients combined serve to aid the entire structural system of the human body. Look for other trace minerals to improve your overall health, and make sure all of the ingredients are of the highest possible quality.

So, while taking a good multi vitamin is important, and taking a calcium supplement is also important, it is also vital that you make sure your calcium supplement includes Glucosamine if you really want to protect your bone structure. Don’t rely on calcium alone to still have you walking when you are in your eighties and nineties!