Glow Sticks – Which Color Is the Brightest?

Glow sticks are not only used for entertainment and recreational purposes, they can also be used as sources of light in the dark. The demand for the bright colored glow sticks is always there in the dark, whether it is a night time party, game, camping or for illumination during emergencies. The brightness of these sticks mainly depends on the color of the light they illuminate.

Available in different colors: Basically, they are available in eight different colors – green, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, purple and white. Their color depends on the type of fluorescent dye added to the chemicals in the stick. They are also available in two or three color combinations like bi-color and tri-color light sticks.

People choose glow stick colors based on the occasion and its prominence. For Halloween parties, orange colored ones are preferred. Pink colored ones are preferred on Valentine’s Day. Tri-colored sticks with a combination of red, white and blue color bring a sense of patriotism and are preferred on 4th of July. White colored ones can be ideal for occasions like weddings.

People assume that white is bright: White may look to be the brightest of the colors in general. However, in the case of glow sticks, white color is not the brightest. In fact, white colored ones grade least in the brightness scale. Their duration of glow is also low compared to other colors.

Green and yellow – brightest colors: Green and yellow are typically the brightest of all the available colors. Their glow duration is also longer compared to others. Green and yellow colors are mostly preferred for emergencies in the dark. Orange and red colors rank next to them in terms of luminosity and durability. As the wavelength of the red color is high, they are generally preferred while camping or scuba diving.

They are helpful in many situations: Glow sticks are safe and light in weight. They do not require battery or electrical energy for illumination. During camping, carrying heavy lanterns or flash lights may not be a good idea. It is better to carry a handful of bright glow sticks which are light in weight and give out ample luminance for the night.

Since they are wind and water proof, they can be helpful as emergency tools during blackouts, natural disasters or when your car breaks down suddenly in the night. You can also use them to light up your night parties at outdoor locations like beach, where electric lighting is not possible.

For the events that require bright light for longer hours, green and yellow glow sticks are sensible choice. They can also be part of your emergency kit during outdoor activities.