Global Warming and People of Faith

Former Vice President Al Gore has raised the awareness of the portent of global warming before the congress and the general public with a fervor that cannot be labeled anything less than a campaign. Should people of faith take him seriously?

Al Gore’s film should be added to the rest of the possible “disasters to end the world” genre that has emerged of late to defer attention away from what is really heating up.

Neither God nor the Bible holds any political position right or left. As it pertains to what is really polluting the earth the Bible says it is what we are allowing in our souls and not what we are allowing into the air that will cause our ultimate demise. “…and thou hast polluted the land with thy whoredoms and with thy wickedness.” Jer 3:2

It would be irresponsible to say that anyone Christian or not can ignore the implications that will ensue at the indiscriminate raping the planet. It would likewise be irresponsible if we saw global warming as the only threat to civilization that we should take heed to. In fact there is an inherent danger in leaping on this latest diversionary bandwagon of panic and suspect science.

Christian people, especially those who are liberal leaning are cajoled into the panic with reminders of the Bible’s call to good stewardship. Good stewardship does not preclude reading the final chapter. Whether a well studied eschatologist or just a regular Bible reader it takes no special intelligence to see that global warming is not what brings global judgment. It is not even close.

It must be said that Gore’s inconvenient truth conveniently ignores the fact that the world does not end because of rising global temperatures. In fact the world does not end at all but is restructured at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Government by mortals is ended and topographical changes are made around the globe. Under the rule of Christ which lasts for a thousand years there will be no chance of global warming or any other threat to the environment.

As we approach the second coming of Christ there is precious little time to be given over to the latest liberal cause. Liberal causes can derive very little redemption just by being coupled with this seemingly noble contention. The slaughtering of everything moral and right doesn’t look any better just because it’s done in a crystal clear and pristine environment.

So what is the time for? Nothing new here, it is as always the great commission. Mt 28: 18-20 Yet it goes largely un-noticed that while attention is diverted to new causes like global warming that resistance is aimed at the old commands to bring the gospel to every creature on the earth. Concern for the environment is important but not at the expense of the souls of men.

Pumping hydrocarbons into the air causes more concern than the filth and trash we pump into the minds of our young everyday through media, educational claptrap and indifference. The promise that technology would rise at the same time that morality would fall is well known to students of the second coming of Christ. Daniel 12:4. Not as well known is that the Bible promises that our world will not and I stress “will not” end because of global warming.

Setting our priorities in order is part of preparing ourselves for the imminent return of the Lord. Keeping the planet clean is important but it is the least of the priorities when we consider that the earth will someday be removed. The Bible also says that while the earth will someday be gone the souls of men will go on forever. How and where those souls exist is what is more important than any cause new or old.