Glass Sinks – Beautiful and Practical.

Are you building or renovating your home, and looking to add those little touches that will truly call attention to your lifestyle as unique? One great concept in the area of home design and decoration is the design of the glass sink. These contemporary designs are in keeping with the latest bathroom styles today. In particular demand are the beautiful curves and character setting sinks designed around the vanity model, stand alone vessels and faucets unencumbered by attached cabinets and wall fixtures.

The demand for such furniture is obvious, and a trip to any retailer store or (better yet) internet retailer will demonstrate why. The stand-alone vanity takes a house out of the age of clutter and back into a time when bathrooms were all about space and simplicity, although they still contained a simple elegance that was appealing from the middle classes all the way up to royalty.

Today’s vanities come in many different styles. Among the most popular are pedestal style models, which include the vessel (or bowl) of the sink and the faucets, seated with a ceramic structure, which glides up from the floor. Other popular vanity models include one-piece structures, which again include the vessel as well as tasteful cabinets that allow the model to sit solidly upon the bathroom floor.

Where you may want to add your own personal choice in terms of elegance is in the material that makes up the vessel itself. Today, there are many options, but one that is guaranteed to gain you plenty of compliments in its beauty and originality are those manufactured from glass. Glass sinks literally set off the shine in your bathroom, available in a variety of different colours; they are the latest innovation in bathroom design.

Of course, some would rightly question the wisdom of using glass as a material in the bowl of a sink. Beauty is one thing, but is glass really practical when it comes to the most used structure in the house? Well, the good thing about glass sinks today is that they are manufactured from tempered safety glass; it is up to six times stronger than regular glass. In fact, glass sink manufacturers boast that they rarely, if ever, receive reports of their sinks shattering.

So when it comes to adding an original touch to your home, a glass sink is a great option. And you don’t have to worry, because these pieces of household decor are some of the hardiest around.