Glass Hummingbird Feeders

The world’s tiniest bird is the Hummingbird. This small bird drinks a lot of nectar to sustain its body, as it flies very quickly. To satisfy this need for high energy you can plant lots of flowering trees, plants, shrubs, vines and trees. The other thing that you can do is to have Glass Hummingbird Feeders in your garden.

There are a great many Glass Hummingbird Feeders that you can get. These range from the simple and functional to stunning works of art. The bright colors, the intricate details and the beauty of these feeders complement the visual beauty of the Hummingbirds.

The leading designer and manufacturer of Glass Hummingbird Feeders is a company called Par-a-sol. The hummingbird feeder designs of this company are of a vintage style. There is an air of delicacy to these glass feeders, and all of these Par-a-sol Glass Hummingbird Feeders have red colored crystals hanging from the feeders, so as to attract Hummingbirds to come and visit.

The designs produced by this company are considered to be the most beautiful ones in the industry. With these Glass Hummingbird Feeders you can transform your garden into a magical garden where any place that you look, you’ll be able to see these jeweled beauties daintily drinking nectar.

It’s easy to create a flower garden with Glass Hummingbird Feeders that are shaped like stunning flowers. These “flowers” can be mounted on stakes in whatever design that you want. A chandelier style Glass Hummingbird Feeder will give an air of elegance and vibrancy as the hummingbirds flock to its many red drinking ports to have their fill of nectar.

Another way to decorate your garden with glass feeders is to use the Bohemian glass feeders in multiple groupings on a tree. Their sparkling colors will look like bright, colored fruit.

There are of course other companies that sell glass hummingbird feeders. Some of the glass feeders are shaped like antique hurricane lanterns and they hold about 16 ounces of nectar syrup. There is a rubber stopper at the top which allows easy to clean and refill action. The nectar ports are shaped like red flowers. As Hummingbird love the color of red they will investigate any flowers that are red in color.

Then you might want your feeders to look like jeweled balls. This type of feeder will be about 4.5 inches in diameter and a glass loop at the top will enable you to hang your glass bird feeder where you think it’ll do the most good.

One of the hummingbird’s most favorite flowers is the Trumpetvine. Some glass hummingbird feeders have been designed that have three of these “flower” feeding stations that are nestled into individual metal baskets which all have their own perches. The whole design is that of a Ferris Wheel, but doesn’t turn allowing for the safety of the hummingbirds. As you can see all of these glass hummingbird feeders will enhance your garden’s natural beauty and attract many hummingbirds to your garden.