Giving Is The Nature of Abundance

Abundance is a fascinating topic. A solid understanding of it can make you rich in many ways. So, let’s examine the root of abundance, which is giving.

Until a few years ago, I thought the notion, “You only get what you give” was illogical nonsense. I mean, think about it, how can giving be related to getting? Isn’t it true that the more you save, the more you have?

Well, in recent years I have come to understand the secret to abundant living and having everything you want. The secret is GIVING. You MUST give in order to receive. Yes, it’s a religious concept, but it’s also universally true. Here’s how abundance works (and how to be rich) from a hypnotherapy point of view…

When we hoard things and we are stingy with money, time, etc., it sends our subconscious mind the message that the universe is not a safe place and that we must collect things and keep them if we want to have them.

Working with depression-era clients has taught me a lot about this. People who lived through the economic depression in the United States in the 1920s and 30s often feel that they need to hold on to as much money and as many things as possible. Often their homes will be filled with clutter…things they keep “just in case.” They feel that the universe could cut off their supply at any time, so they must grab things and hold on to them. This idea of clinging, collecting, and hoarding is the opposite of an abundant mindset.

The universe is ALWAYS ready to give more. There will ALWAYS be more money and another opportunity. I prefer to call this type of abundant mindset “living with an open hand.” When you have your hand open, it can give and receive.

When you live in this manner: giving, sharing, and letting go of worry about the future, you live abundantly. You send a signal to your subconscious mind that it is safe to let go and that you are ready to give AND receive. The closed hand is actually unsafe because, though it doesn’t lose what is in it, it cannot receive any more. It cannot live abundantly. It is a closed circuit leading nowhere.

Open that hand and live your life as a free person. The universe is willing to give you everything you want, once you are ready to receive it, give back, and receive again. This allows a constant flow of energy through your life.