Give the Gift of Good Health

If you are anything like me, you are still scrambling to find last-minute gifts for the loved ones in your life. Why not go a little above and beyond and give them the gift of good health? I know it sounds a little corny, but compared to another sweater that they won’t wear or a CD they will just end up exchanging, this is something that will actually make a difference in their lives. I know you don’t have much time left for shopping so I have searched locally and on the web for the best healthy gifts that you can still get before December 24th (hurry most online orders are due today)!

Great Harvest Bread. One of my favorite and most inexpensive gifts to give (and receive) is a healthy and wholesome loaf from Great Harvest Bread. There are many great local bread companies but I love Great Harvest because they use freshly-milled whole grain wheat flour and they have some of the healthiest breads in town. I suggest you go with their gift pack which gives your recipient little cards that they redeem for 1 honey loaf, 1 loaf of their choice and a jumbo cookie, all for only $12.

Subscription to a Healthy Magazine. Some of my favorites are Cooking Light, Prevention, Shape, Fitness, Health and Men’s Health. Most will be around $12-18 for a year’s subscription and it really is a gift that gives all year long.

Gaiam Walk Fit Kit Pedometer. This little gem keeps track of daily steps and calories, plus it includes a stop watch and distance counter. Anyone trying to improve their health and stay more active will love this easy to use pedometer available at for only $24.99.

CalorieSmart. I always say that weight loss is all about calories in and calories out. This portable, pocket sized, handheld device will take all the work out of monitoring your calories taken in from food and spent during exercise. It contains nutritional info for over 35,000 foods and even includes menu items from over 250 restaurants. Plus it allows you to enter your daily workouts so you know exactly where you stand at the end of the day. This is a wonderful tool that will certainly help take the headaches out of weight loss and food monitoring. $80 at

Local Lessons/Classes. I met a man the other day whose wife bought him a “Tennis in No Time” beginner’s tennis class from a local tennis club four years ago. He’s played tennis regularly ever since. Why not give your active loved one tennis lessons, golf lessons, a Yoga or Pilates class, dance lessons or a healthy cooking class? Sometimes something unexpected can end up being the best and most memorable gift. For ideas and types of classes available call local a Yoga studio, any of the local gyms, tennis or golf clubs or try looking up cooking lessons in the yellow pages.

Reebok Adjustable Weights. These are great for the home exerciser. They are space-saving, adjustable hand weights with 5 settings from 2.5 to 12.5 pounds each dumbbell. No more buying 3 or 4 sets of different hand weights – all you need is this one set and you are ready for any workout. $61.99 at Target or look for them online.