Gifts you should Never give to your Girlfriend

Men and women are really different in many aspects: the way of thinking, their needs, expectations.

For example, gifts mean a lot to women, but we can’t say the same thing about men. A woman knows how to ”read” the message that a gift is giving, but men doesn’t pay too much attention and importance to a gift.

So, choosing a right gift for a woman can be very difficult. The right gift tells her you’re thoughtful, observant and you really understand her, but the wrong one can tell her just the opposite. Any gift that says you love her, that you cherish her, know her, is pretty safe. What happens if your gift doesn’t transmit your real feelings for her?

A gift worth more than a thousands words for a woman. Not many of us, men, know which a bad gift for a woman is. In order to not surprise her negative with your gift, here are some gifts you should avoid buying her:

1. Insult gifts:

-Awful flowers – for women flowers have a big importance and that’s why you have to realize the difference between good flowers and bad ones; if you don’t know anything about flowers, you may ask a female florist to help you choose the right bouquet for your girlfriend; you don’t want to go there with some flowers you may give to her grandmother, don’t you?

-A cheap perfume – no matter how fancy it looks, you can’t fool her; women usually know many things about the beauty products, perfumes, and which the best are

-Lingerie – is a risky bet; a lingerie made of flannel will be definitely not on her taste; you have to choose the correct size, the right style for her; you have to choose something that she likes and not what you’d like her to wear; if you didn’t choose the right size, the message she will understand is or that she is too fat, or that you are insinuating she needs a breast enlargements; so, forget it

-Wrinkle cream – even if she does need it, you are not the right person to buy it; let her do it; you will make her feel old by bringing this

-Socks – are considered the most offensive and disappointing gift; most people are happy to buy their own socks; so it’s not a good idea to choose

-Laser hair removal – even if you are tired of her mustache or stubbly legs, don’t buy such a thing; maybe she will buy herself one from her own initiative

2. Gifts that require work:

-Cooking utensils – the message that she will understand from this gift is that her place is in the kitchen; a cookbook – might be thinking that you hate her cooking; if you want to encourage her to cook more you’d better make her some positive compliments; praise the meals she does and she will be more likely to take more of an interest in the culinary arts

-Cleaning products – as vacuum cleaners, mops, dusters, oven cleaner or other household cleaning products; she will wonder if that you consider that her place is dirty or what ; also she will understand that you see her more as a maid and not your partner

3. Things that make her feel bad about herself:

-Membership to a diet program – even if she told you that she would like to join one, it is not a good gift; she might think that you consider she is not beautiful anymore until she won’t be lose weight

-Exercise equipment – it is an unpleasant way to tell her she’s fat; you’d better ask her to join you at some activities such as cycling, hiking or jogging; say her that you want to do it for yourself and don’t want to go alone; choose an activity that you think she would like and doesn’t need an expensive equipment

-Clothes – again you may choose the wrong size, and make her feel bad; anyway, even if you have impeccable taste, clothes are a woman pleasure

4. Totally NO gifts:

-A pet – not everybody is glad to get a pet as gift, because to raise a pet involves a lot of responsibility, much work; is she said that she likes dogs that not necessarily means that she wants one; if she decides to buy a pet, let her choose one and buy herself

-A gift for yourself – like a golf set or a playstation; it will be a selfish fact; gift should be focused on what she wants and not what you want; don’t assume that you have the same interest, because even if she stay and watch football games with you this doesn’t mean that she wants to have soccer ball

5. Nothing

-Do not believe when she says that she doesn’t need anything, because this is not true; she said this but she is expecting to receive something from you; if you appear there without a gift, you may see on her face that she will be disappointed and upset

I wish you good luck in choosing the right gift for your girlfriend and remember that you have to give her something that makes her feel special and loved; so, be thoughtful about it.