Gift Ideas for Promotional Use

Promotional gifts can be given to employees or potential and existing clients as an acknowledgement of hard work, loyalty and commitment to a company. There are thousands of gifts on the market today designed to suit every type of business, event and budget. The gift will depend on the impression you want to achieve; fun and inexpensive or chic and expensive. Printing the company logo onto your promotional product is a clever way to constantly remind everyone of your corporation.

Giving gifts is seen as a useful and key factor in business where attracting clients is the main job of the promotions and marketing department. They can be given in all sorts of situations and below are just some guiding principles as to when a gift can be used to create a positive effect.

Giving promotional gifts to your clients is a visual demonstration of your appreciation to them for their, hopefully, continuing business. Gifts can invoke a sense of loyalty to the giver and succeed in strengthening the business relationship. Members of staff appreciate gifts as it demonstrates to them that their hard work has been brought to the management’s attention. A special gift could always be selected for an outstandingly hard working employee. A gift can give an employee a sense of value in the company and make them feel part of a group. This can be a factor that will motivate the workforce and stimulate a good working environment.

Sending gifts to potential new clients will create a positive impression. Choose something simple but practical and it could result in a sale and even lead to a loyal long-term customer. Recommendations from other companies or colleagues can result in a number of large sales, a small gift sent as a way of saying thank you could encourage further referrals.

If your company is about to “set off” a new brand or wants to promote a special product or service, giving a small gift out to potential customers will indeed support the event. Other appropriate times for giving away gifts include a birth, the completion of a special project, company celebrations, birthdays or retirements

A corporate gift will depend on the closeness of the business relationship and has to be given in a certain way. If it is regarded as a way of looking for special favours or a bribe, it could do exactly the opposite of what you intend. Care has to be taken as to when a gift should be offered. If the recipient feels it is being given as a kind of bribe it will not achieve the impact you are intending. Gifts should be chosen to fit the recipient so give a lot of thought as to what type of item will suit and be valued.
Most companies will have a policy on accepting gifts and some set will have restrictions on the value of the gift and the situation in which one can be given. It will be important that you choose a gift to according to the type of business and client.

Your gift should always carry the company logo. This will ensure that you are remembered each time the gift is taken out and looked at, if it is a calendar, mug, key chains or diary this could be every day of the year. Gifts don’t always have to be handed out just on festive occasions, such as Christmas. You can create a bigger impact by sending a gift unexpected. If you give gifts out too often, they will lose their appeal and impact. Gifts sent on personal occasions will have to depend on the nature of the business and the type of relationship you have with the client. Lastly, wrap the gift in attractive wrapping paper and make sure to enclose a card with a simple message.

You will find deciding on suitable promotional gifts might be a daunting task. You will find countless items to select from and to ensure you give the right impression you have to get it right. Items can include low-cost, mass produced products, such as pens or mugs, to custom-made laptops and unique jewellery. For whatever the occasion, your gift should fit the event.