Getting Website Traffic By Cleaning Up Your Website

Before I embark on this, I want you to understand that I know many will initially balk at this, simply because they think it is a lot of work. However, I will show you how to do it easily and why it can increase your web traffic by 50 to 80 percent and allow you to grow exponentially over time.

OK, here we go. With most webmasters, the design of a website is not just a job, it is a passion. However, creating the perfect website for the desired goal is a lot more difficult to do, than it is to visualize.

We all know that the initial visualization of an up and coming project does not contain all of the intricate detail that will need to be built into the website in order to make it a success. Coding functionality, flow, and aesthetic design are all too often thought to be the heart and soul of the website, and these details are what Webmasters tend to focus on during the development process.

Fortunately, when coding a website, many mistakes and instances of flawed thinking become evident. The code tells you about errors and mistakes by not working properly or not working at all. Poor aesthetics stand out and scream to be fixed. But other errors that can be even more detrimental to a websites success slip by undetected, sometime for years.

Mistakes such as misspelled words, poor grammar, improper punctuation etc. tend to be missed as the Webmaster focuses on simply making the websites code functions work. However, in the end, if the text of the website is nonfunctioning, all of the perfected coding and aesthetics can be negatively affected.

Fact: Coding is often a thankless job. When the code works well, it is viewed as phenomena that somehow should always be anyway. When it doesnt work properly, it is viewed as sorry coding done by an amateur and screams dont ever come here again.

80 to 90 percent of communication on most websites is done with text. So, communication via text should be a priority in the quest for perfection. Face it. Today, webmasters are dealing with a more savvy web surfer that uses a search engine like an extension of their own body. Competition for web surfer attention is furious. Give them bad copy and they are gone, never to return.

Content errors happen when a Webmaster is building, correcting, modifying and or editing websites. Common mistakes like not deleting all of the previous content before typing in the new text lead to fractured sentences like (When the that car passed by, I saw the driver.) As you can see, errors such as this are obvious to the reader. But since the author knows what the sentence should say, they read it expecting it to say what they intended. So, they miss it. Visitors to the website read it exactly as it was written, not what you intended.

Ad enough of these types of mistakes and it drives your visitors nuts. It often makes them angry, as they concentrate and attempt to piece your content together in an effort to determine what you mean.

Read bad copy in a newspaper and you will just have to fight through the inconvenience if you want to know about the specific topic of the article. It costs money to buy a different newspaper and you will probably have to travel to get the different paper. Website content, however, is different. If you confuse, frustrate, and alienate your visitors with your text, they will simply go to another website with no more effort needed than a click.

However, when the content is well written, it excites visitors to do some amazing things. They stay on the website longer, read all of its content, tell friends about the site, forward the information to others, make purchases, bookmark the website, interact with the website, contact the owner and revisit the website frequently. These characteristics should be the goals of every Webmaster and website owner. But these allude many due to many developers tendencies to minor on cleaning up their content and majoring on aesthetics and functions of the website.

Think of the hottest websites on the net. How many of them are completely riddled with errors? Not many! Not many at all. You get traffic and returning traffic by providing non-frustrating, error free content. If you give surfers what they want the first time they visit, they dont develop negative opinions of your website and are willing to come back.

However, when a one person holds the position of Webmaster, owner, marketer, affiliate program director, strategist, copy editor, business manager, complaint department, information department, billing manager, and so many other positions. It is difficult to maintain perfection.

New online services and tools like those found on TypoBounty dot com are springing up to help webmasters obtain the benefits of perfected copy, tested website coding and functions and meet surfers website expectations over all. This used to be a relatively expensive thing to do. Many websites have staff that have the job of making sure the website is perfect in every way and these websites are the ones that you hear about.

When polled, 8 out of 10 web surfers concluded that errors on a website turns them off and makes them question the validity of the website. 7 out of 10 web surfers admit having avoided returning to a website after being frustrated by errors. 7 out of 10 web surfers admit to leaving a website earlier than intended due to errors in content and website coding.

What does this mean? If your website is riddles with errors, you cant afford not to fix them. You could be simultaneously throwing away business while you are fighting to get business. Basically spinning your wheels for years. The big boys of the Internet know these facts. The struggling websites will never become big boys because they dont know this. Fix your website and watch your marketing efforts take on a whole new life. With online services like TypoBounty dot com, it has never been easier to do, as you simply encourage web surfers to function as your staff in perfecting your web properties as they have fun playing a game.