Getting to the Heart of Leadership – Nu Leadership Series

“A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential; a great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself.”
Bo Bennett

Have anyone in the office said they cared about you? I’m not talking about sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct. I’m talking about a leader having a great relationship with their followers. Unfortunately, numerous leaders forget about managing with love. Today’s organizations simply do not have a genuine concern for their employees. Managers view their staff as business resources (like paper & pencil). Pfeffer, author of the Human Equation, notes today’s conventional wisdom holds that the way to economic success is to cut costs. The simple means cutting people. The company may be concerned on a very superficial level as in “how are you doing today,” but do not feel a sense of caring for employees.

Winston, author and leadership guru, provides sound leadership themes from scriptures that challenge the modern thinking on leadership. Leadership is about giving and not taking. Dr. Winston, leadership guru, explains about the importance of an understanding leader. It is quite different than being someone’s boss. Many leaders operate under a very authoritative mode. Sadly, the lack of concern for people is in the secular and religious communities. What America needs is more servant leaders in all areas of life. If leaders truly care about their workers, the workforce would be transformed into a 21st century organization and thereby change the world. Be the type of leader that people want to follow. Start today!


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(c) 2006 by Daryl D. Green