Getting To Know More About Your Antique And Vintage Jewelry

Collecting exquisite pieces of antique and vintage jewelry is not only a hobby, but can also prove to be an elating addiction for many. This type of jewelry comprises of distinct works of art from the past that are not only part of an exhilarating experience for the wearer but for the collector as well. Since, these are one-of-a-kind jewelry you need to ascertain the authenticity and value before purchase. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you buy them only from well-known, reputed dealers. This way you not only guarantee the purchase, but also can learn a few vital tips from the dealer as to what you should look for in a jewelry piece in order to determine its genuineness. Listed below are a few of the many basic hints that will help you to evaluate your classic jewelry.

Begin by gathering relevant information about classic jewelry. You can do this by either attending shows that display antiques and collectibles and browse through antique shops. The Internet can also serve as a good source of information and will enable you to assimilate all the necessary information pertaining to classic jewelry. Reading books on similar topics and making inquiries with dealers will also be very beneficial for you. This way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the several styles of jewelry from different eras and can use these findings to establish the authenticity of the jewelry piece.

Another way to assess your antique and vintage jewelry is to examine it cautiously from all angles. You can tell if the piece is genuine even by inspecting and scrutinizing it carefully. Old pieces always have clues and telltale signs that will help you to confirm validity. Besides this, checking the piece of jewelry for markings, signs and hallmarks is definitely a very good idea. You will find the pieces signed or marked in unusual places like on the stem of the pin, along the edges, the back of the pin stem or inside of the bale. These will help you to learn and ascertain the true value and worth of your classic jewelry.

In the absence of hallmarks, such as in Victorian jewelry pieces, you can verify the authenticity by checking for other details. For instance, a long pin stem in a Victorian brooch indicates that it was made during the early Victorian age while a comparatively shorter pin stem indicates that it was made later. Factors like the clasp, the hinge, and other similar features of your antique and vintage brooch, necklace or bracelet are all good indications. Also, try matching your findings with the designs of that particular era. The above-mentioned information will help you to arrive at appropriate conclusions about the true value of your jewelry.

Another way to learn and get to know more about antique and vintage jewelry is to constantly keep comparing new designs to the old ones. Once you learn to differentiate and recognize the salient features of antique and vintage jewelry, you will be in a better position to judge.