Getting through SAP Interview

Before preparing for any interview, you must keep in mind dressing properly, reach the interview spot at least half an hour prior to the given time, bear a smile on your face and be confident. Same is the case with preparing for SAP interview for any job. You must do your homework properly. Go through a demo interview with the help of a friend.

The first part of SAP interview is normally tough because it requires you to answer to some technical questions regarding SAP. The first round of interview divided into some sub levels. Questions could be tricky and lengthy. So prepare yourself accordingly.

Prepare your resume with a lot of efforts. Do not throw it away as this is the first representation of yourself and employers take it seriously. Compose your resume specifically for this job. Avoid unnecessary information and stick to the things the employers look for. Try not to be over excited while composing your resume. Be efficient and precise with accurate information.

Keep in mind the nature of job designation you are applying for. Do not overestimate yourself if it is a beginner’s level job. Present yourself according to the needs and level of the job. If you are applying for the high-level post, then you must include your experience in your resume and present you expertise accordingly. In this case, you might be given an assumed situation, and the employers might ask you to resolve a certain problem. It is just like a demonstration.

It depends upon the employers what kind of questions they are going to ask you. Probably they are more likely ask you about the information you shared through your resume. Be prepared to justify yourself. On the other hand, some employers might ask about different managerial and practical question. You need to pay attention to all of these expected scenarios.

Never try to present yourself as a genius at work. Try to be realistic and present the actual picture. You may point out some minor weaknesses. Even in this case you must prepare yourself to justify that you are fit for the respective job.

The next round of interview involves questions related to management. This could be an easy task depending upon your caliber. The employers will look to analyze your ability for team work. Present your objectives clearly. This level of interview is conducted by Supervisors, Project managers or Project Promoters. There is a possibility that this level of interview is taken on the next day after the initial interview. But some companies prefer to conduct it on the same day.

HR department will interview only if you are applying for a full-time post. This interview is conducted in the end. Your history, background and track record is analyzed at this stage. Then after the selection, you are introduced to the terms and conditions of the job.