Getting the most out of each day

Copyright 2006 llbglobal

Over the past few weeks I have been in the grips of my own thought processes. I often wonder why I have made the choices I have made and how they have led me to this place. When I was a fulltime employee for a large corporation I can remember being so dissatisfied with myself and my work environment. It wasn’t that I had a bad job or that I worked with bad people but I still felt very unhappy with my circumstances. It wasn’t something I could place a finger on at the time but now looking back I have a better feel for why I felt so lost.

I didn’t stay in college and I have always held the belief that somehow I had limited myself because I was not willing to do the leg work required to be recognized as someone of importance. I’m not sure how a college degree would have made me a different person or if it really would have had any real effect on the person whom I have become.

I have always relied on self education. I have spent many years teaching myself through reading and researching topics that I find interesting. When I am focused on a topic I immerse myself into the subject matter as if it is the most important thing for me to be doing at that moment. My lack of a college degree has nothing to do with me being lazy or unguided. I have always felt that I am much better at guiding myself than any college instructor could do for me.

Now, when I look back on my corporate career I often think about the people I worked with. I remember how some of them were able to perform their daily tasks as if nothing were more important. They did their jobs without complaint and many of them seemed very happy to be in that place. At the time, I could not understand why I was so unhappy and yet the people around me did the exact same work as I did without any thought of unhappiness.

If I had simply decided to accept what I was doing then and placed the utmost important on my work maybe I would be a different person today. Many times people feel stuck or lost as I have felt. We hate our jobs or we feel like we need something else to make us whole and yet if we only realized that we are already whole then wouldn’t that make our current situations more tolerable? If we accept our current predicament and see the good in every situation, how could we not benefit from that sort of thinking?

I’m not saying we should just stop complaining and be happy because that doesn’t work. What I am suggesting is to realize that our current situations are only what they are because of our past choices. From this day forward we can choose to make the best of what seems to be the worst situation. By making a conscious choice to see our current dilemma’s in a new light, maybe we are taking a step in the right direction which will then lead us out of the darkness and into a life that is more abundant.

So if you’re unhappy with your current life situation, try looking at it from a different perspective. Many people would love to have the job you hate. Many people would love to have the house you live in or the car you drive. It’s not an easy task I know. Even to this day I struggle to keep an open mind. Just remember that the only real currency in life is each passing day. How we spend each day is a direct reflection of who we are and where we are going. Choose to live a happier existence and abundance will find you. If you live to be eighty years old you will have lived for 29,200 days. If you only had $29,200 for the rest of your life how would you spend it? Would you blow it all on things that will only give you temporary satisfaction or would you savor each dollar and get the most you could for it? Get the most out of each day and you will get the most out of life.