Getting Started in Container Gardening

The space challenged often figure gardening is a hobby best enjoyed by those who own land or at least a small patch of it. This doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to container gardening, almost anyone can reap the rewards of gardening.

This form of gardening can be done both indoors and out, but rather than planting foliage in the ground, it takes advantage of portable containers for holding plants. The advantages here is the space isn’t a big requirement, pests can be better kept at bay and weeds generally aren’t an issue. So, it’s easy to see that container gardening has some serious advantages.

Getting started in container gardening is pretty easy, and what’s more, it works well for both ornamental plants and even some vegetables. So if you thought you’d have to give up on your desire to grow tomatoes because you didn’t have land, think again!

Here are some useful tips for those who want to embark on creating their own container gardens. They include:

* Pick plants that thrive in containers. Some flowers, vegetables and herbs do extremely well in containers while looking great, too. Find the right ones for your indoor/outdoor needs by reading up on the options. In general, most plants will work in containers for a while. Sometimes they will need to be transplanted to bigger container homes, but that’s a fairly easy process.
* Be particular about the options for indoor versus outdoor use. Some plants will thrive in containers indoors as long as they get some light and the right nutrients, but others imply need the outdoor light to do well. Read up on your options to choose well for your circumstance.
* Cluster containers with like plants together. To create a garden look for a front walkway, for example, put containers of flowers closely together to create the feel of a contiguous garden.
* Make use of the containers in the decorating scheme. Create a pattern, mix and match with complimentary containers, have fun!
* Mix up the sizes of the containers to give a more three-dimensional feel to your container garden.
* Create a pattern around a tree. Since plants don’t generally grow well in the ground around trees that have large root systems, accommodate this by using containers.
* Take advantage of window boxes to create a fresh look each season.

Container gardening is a wonderful way to make small spaces work or to help gardeners avoid the trials of dealing with weeding beds and so on. Providing a different way to garden, containers can add to any landscape design – no matter its size.