Getting Rid Of Negativity

Negativity is something that can affect most people at some point in their lives, however there are some people that feel that they can never shake it off and that negativity is just a way of life for them. If you are one of these people you will understand that it is a difficult way of life, just going from one worry to the next. Seeing everything in a pessimistic way and not really being positive about anything. Well if this describes what is going on with you then fear not as a solution could be just around the corner.

Each and every year I see numerous amounts of clients that come to me for one to one sessions to help them to beat their negative attitude and today I want to cover some of the tips that I will often give to them through their sessions with me.

Here are some of my tops tips for dealing with negativity!

1. Get a goal. A negative person will always focus on what they can’t do as, apposed to what they can do or what they would like to do. Find something that is easily achievable and do it! Each time you do something like this – push the boundaries making each thing just that little more difficult. Afterwards – enjoy your sense of achievement.

2. Drink more water! It is a fact that at the point that we are thirsty that we are already dehydrated. This is bad news for our brain as it is made up mostly of water. When we become dehydrated, we are unable to function to full capacity, which ultimately makes use feel a bit slower then we normally would be and this can boost our negativity. Check with your Doctor just how much water you should be drinking each day.

3. Eat well. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. This creates a great sense of wellbeing and health that ultimately allows you to feel more positive. Try cutting out things from your diet such as caffeine and processed foods – you will be amazed what a difference this will make and just how quickly you will see that change.

So there you have it – some great tips to beat negativity and allow you to feel more positive. I really hope that you enjoy using them and getting the results that you want. Remember that in every negative person there is a positive person just screaming to come out!