Getting Proper Estimates For Relocation

Deciding on a relocation move is the first step. Actually doing it is the next painful one. There are a lot of things that you will need to do when you relocate and everything needs to be planned out if you would like things to run smoothly.

After you decide to move, you might be searching the market for a mover. There are a number of moving companies out there but you don’t want to be stuck with someone that charges you more than what should. Scammers also abound so it would be swell to get in touch with a legitimate mover who will not take advantage of your situation. Ask your friends for referrals. Go for a local mover where you can visit and check them out. Make sure to check their business permits and necessary licenses to make sure that you’re not hiring scammers. Go for insured movers as well.

After getting a short list of moving companies, have them provide you with an estimate on how much it would cost to move your stuff. Estimates should be conducted free of charge and should be conducted personally. Do not trust anyone who provides estimates over the phone without checking first the exact situation you have. How can they provide an accurate estimate based on descriptions you provide?

On your part, show all the stuff that the prospective mover will have to transport. From the basement to the attic, show them everything. Once estimates have been made, have the company put it on writing. If you have several estimates from different companies and one stands out for being relatively lower, ask mover the reason for a cheaper estimate. Clarifying everything outright will benefit everyone come moving day. Get how the estimator computed for the moving costs. To avoid any confusion between you and the moving company always ask and check their numbers with yours.

And since you’re already on the stage of clarifying things, make sure to check if the coverage of their insurance. Most of the time, movers will only provide basic insurances which means expensive items are not usually covered in terms of replacement if broken or damaged. At this point ask them if they offer added insurances for those kinds of stuff. It would be ideal to get additional insurance for your precious and rather expensive items. You will never really know and it will help to make sure that your things and investments are protected.

Despite having an accurate estimate, be prepared if the final price is not the same. There might be some factors which might have caused the final price to go higher than the previous estimates. Road access for the trucks as well as issues with elevators for instance for the movers are serious problems which can increase the final price of the move.

If possible, you can clear these things up and ask for additional charges they will bring up if they encounter similar situations previously describe. You would have to notify them the changes before hand so they won’t be caught off guard. They will have to prepare the trucks and the equipment they need as well so an earlier head’s up is often highly appreciated.

Method of payment is also an important matter to discuss. It is normal for companies to accept cash, of course, as well as credit cards, bank and traveler’s checks, and personal checks.

Getting proper estimates for relocation is not the only step in the whole process but it is one of the initial and very important ones you will need.