Getting Organized, Why bother?

How many times have you told yourself that you really should get organized? You may have promised yourself that you’ll do it and you’ve even set aside whole weekends to finally get the job done. Somehow, the weekends come and go, and it still isn’t done.

You know it is going to take a lot of time and effort, so the question is: “Why bother?”

Getting organized is a very personal thing. Just like there is no one system that will work for everyone there is no universal reason to be organized. However, it is necessary to figure out why it is important to YOU. Figuring this out can serve as the push you need to start you going and keep you motivated.

When I start working with a client, one of the first things I want to find out is why they want to get organized. Why spend the time and effort? Why is it so important for them?

The answers I get are along the lines of:

• I don’t like the way my home looks.
• I’m embarrassed when other people see my mess.
• The house is cluttered.
• I can’t find my things.

What I have found is that the truth usually lies much deeper and generally, after a short conversation, we hit upon the real reasons for getting organized. It usually has very little to do with how the space looks.

• The woman, who didn’t like the way her home looked, really wanted to make her house into her home and create a sanctuary for herself.
• The man, who was embarrassed when other people saw his mess, wanted to be able to reciprocate social invitations and invite friends to his home and have a social life.
• The man, who told me that his house was cluttered, found that the disorganization in his home sapped his physical and mental energy. He needed physical space to be able to clear his mind and do the things that mattered to him.
• The woman, who felt she couldn’t find her things, really wanted to create a positive atmosphere for her family. You see, one morning she spent 15-minutes looking for a shoe, she finally found it and went downstairs. The first thing she did downstairs was have an argument with her children. She wasn’t angry at them, but frustrated with herself.

Your reason to get organized is deeply personal. What is really in it for you?