Getting Lucky – One Way That Works

Getting lucky is about operating in certain ways. You won’t get lucky in love if you don’t ever talk to someone of the opposite sex. You won’t ever succeed in business by just talking about it. These two examples bring us to the first lesson on “luck.”

Getting Lucky By Consistently Taking Action

Men of action are favored by the Goddess of luck. – George S. Clason

I put together a website on backpacking. I created the pages, distributed articles to promote it, and got it listed in directories and search engines. It never made more than $15 per month.

I tried another approach, targeting my next website to those who like the mountains. I really poured my heart into The Mountain Hiking Site, putting up not only a lot of quality information, but great photographs as well. I think I spent more time on this one than on any previous website. Today, almost three years later, it makes about $20 per month – a big disappointment.

My website on ultralight backpacking, on the other hand, makes hundreds of dollars monthly. Some of my other sites do much better than that. I’m certainly happy that I did not give up six months into this business, when we were making just a few dollars per day.

The ultimate example of persistence may be the story of Harlon Sanders. Depending on the source you read, his Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe was rejected at between 900 and 1,000 restaurants before one decided to try it. From there he built an empire worth millions.

Now, can you imagine traveling in a van, living on nothing but a social security check (he started in this business late in life), trying to sell restaurants on the idea of paying you a percentage of profits to use a recipe? Do you think you might give up after 30 or 40 rejections. Honestly, I would have. But to hear “no” 900 times and still continue? Maybe “Colonel Sanders” needed the second part of this lesson.

Getting Lucky By Changing Your Approach

Persistence pays, they say, but that is only part of the lesson. Trying the same thing again and again verges on crazy at some point. You have to take action, but also notice what works and what doesn’t. Then change your approach according to what you learn. This is a four-step guide to getting lucky:

1. Take action – any action that might move you towards your goal.

2. Notice what works and what doesn’t work.

3. Change your approach according to what you have learned.

4. Repeat steps one through three until you succeed.

I have to credit Anthony Robbins for the formula above. It came from some book by him that I read many years ago. That suggests another way to start getting lucky: Regularly read motivating and life-changing books.