Getting Into College; How hard is it?

Lots of students, including adults returning to school, are worried about getting into college.

With all the articles on the increasing competition to be admitted to college, it’s no wonder that students and their families are anxious about college admission. And the anxiety level seems to be increasing every year.

True, more students are applying for college than ever, but that is not the whole story. Far more important is the fact that only a very small number of colleges are highly selective.

Of course, the very most competitive colleges have grown in selectivity in recent years. Examples of such institutions are Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Princeton.

Some of them are now admitting fewer than one in ten candidates. When you consider the high quality of their applicant pools, it becomes clear just how difficult it is to gain entrance to such a college.

In fact, the very top colleges turn down hundreds of high school valedictorians every year.

Similarly, they deny admission to students with perfect ACT or SAT scores. And, contrary to popular belief, while an impressive list of activities may be what college admissions personnel call a tip factor, it does not generally make a big difference.

But, most students do not have to worry about the almost impossibly high requirements of the very most selective colleges. For them, good grades in a solid college preparatory curriculum and decent ACT’s or SAT’s will open the doors to the colleges in which they are interested.

Most students, surveys tell us, think colleges are more selective than they actually are. In truth, the average college admits about seven out of ten applicants. So, even if you are not building rockets and toying with Einstein’s theories in your spare time, there are many fine colleges which will be happy to have you.

So, your can worry needlessly about getting into college (which will do you no good at all) or you can virtually guarantee that you college search will end happily by carefully choosing the colleges to which you apply, and including at least two at which your high school grades and test scores virtually guarantee your admission.