Getting A Handle On Alexa Rankings

New web publishers often find themselves bogged down with all the lingo and jargon. Trying to figure out what numbers are important for gauging a site’s success can be impossible. For many, it’s hard enough keeping up with Google ranking. The truth is, however, there’s more than just one ranking system a website publisher has to worry about. Alexa is one such ranking measurement that can play a role in how valuable or not any given site is for potential advertisers. is responsible for Alexa, which is a ranking system for traffic that websites draw. This particular measurement, however, is based on the number of visitors who stop by a site that also happen to have the Alexa toolbar installed on their own browsers. While it’s true Alexa ranking is very important, it has its pitfalls. This number can be very important for advertising rates though, so it’s smart to keep up with.

Alexa rank involves the number of people that visit sites with the toolbar installed on their browsers. Traffic rank revealed is based on historical data aggregated over three months from the millions of Alexa users. This number is a combined measurement of page views and the number of users. A daily computation of reach and page views is taken. The main number for traffic rank is derived at by using these two numbers averaged over time.

Alexa ranking can be directly connected to how well a site does in regard to advertisers. This rank is used to determine pricing and/or the value of a site. Sales programs like Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe all use the Alexa rank to determine the advertising pull a particular site might have.

Despite its flaws, Alexa is fairly easy to get involved with. Downloading the toolbar is really all it takes. Firefox users can get the SearchStatus extension to serve the purpose. Once the tool is installed, pages that are viewed should count toward Alexa rankings.

Although Alexa ranking can be important, the system does have some big flaws. The biggest is the fact that ranking tends to go in favor of sites that happen to have a technical audience. This is because sites with a technical audience tend to have viewers who use the Alexa toolbar. This makes the overall ranking Alexa offers a bit unfair in the minds of many. Despite this, Alexa is still widely used by advertisers. This makes paying attention to this ranking important for those who want to increase revenue. There are ways to boost ranking.

Getting into Alexa’s upper echelon is difficult, but making an impressive showing isn’t necessarily all that hard. Some methods for increasing rank here can take more work than others, but they can all pay off. The best method, in fact, really involves nothing more than creating useful content that draws in traffic. Putting up content that can generate incoming links is also a great way to go. These two things can improve traffic, Google ranking and Alexa ranking as a spin off.

Some of the more tried and true methods are fairly simple to get started. They include placing an Alexa rank widget on your website, encouraging others to download and use the Alexa toolbar, installing the toolbar and your homepage on computers at work and asking friends and family to review your Alexa profile. Other fairly easy concepts include promoting your own URL in webmaster forums, writing articles related to webmasters and employing Alexa redirects to your own website.

Other more time-intensive methods for boosting rankings are out there. They include setting up a webmaster tool section on your own site, having your site’s articles Dugg or Stumbled on, buying ads and so on. Some webmasters create their own “Alexa” sections, too.

A few other ideas for boosting Alexa ranking exist, but they aren’t considered to be the best or even the most legitimate. They include buying the “homepage” settings at Cybercafes, using Alexa redirects on MySpace pages and even using Alexa auto-surf programs.

Alexa is not necessarily the most accurate ranking system going, but it’s an important one. Maximizing ranking can improve ad rate potential and increase overall traffic to your site, however. It’s not a bad idea to include this ranking number as a consideration in an overall marketing strategy.