Getting a DVD Player for Your Car

DVD Players Add To Car Stereo Experience

It might seem like a luxury to some, but for parents who have gone on long car trips with the little ones, a DVD player in the car is almost a necessity. There are few things that can distract the youngsters from the confinement of the road like a good movie.

There are a number of choices in the car DVD category that range from small, inexpensive players to those that come complete with a stereo system for front mounting. The choices will likely be dictated by the type of vehicle the driver is buying for and how much control mom and dad want over the viewing.

Choices for in-car DVD viewing include:

* Portable. These are not hooked into the car’s stereo system and rely on their own speakers. Small and fairly affordable, they offer the advantage of allowing the child to hold the console while the parents drive. Sound can be diverted easily to a headset.
* All in one. These systems offer radio, DVD, CD and so on all in a single unit. They tend to mount in the front, so the screen might be a little difficult for back-seat riders to see with ease. But mom and dad have full control over viewing and volume.
* Ceiling mounted. These offer great visibility for the back seat, but not so great for the front passenger. They are sometimes included in minivan and SUV models meant for trucking children around.

Before choosing a model DVD player for the car, consider the following things:

* Viewing area. Who will be watching movies and where should the screen mount? A ceiling mount hooked into the car’s stereo system is often a good solution for owner of bigger vehicles.
* Control. If the adults in the car must control the movie selection, portables are probably not the way to go. Something that offers control from the front seat and viewing in the back is probably ideal.
* Sound. Do you want it confined to the DVD player itself, a headset or capable of being hooked into the car’s audio system?

DVD players are lifesavers on long car rides. While no family trip is complete without a few games and some sing-along action, those can get old fast. Kids can’t be asked to sit still for hours and hours on end without being entertained – their little bodies just don’t work that way. By adding a DVD player into the car stereo mix, parents give themselves an option to distract the kids on long car rides.