Getting a Dog Treadmill

Dog Exercise Machines

One of the newest trends among pet owners is purchasing treadmills to exercise your pets. Like a normal treadmill, pet treadmills are composed of a rotating floor that encourages your animal to keep with a pre-set pace. The treadmill looks just like an adult treadmill, but much smaller and constructed with straps to detain your animal within the bounds of the treadmill.

It is important that your dog, no matter what his size or age, get a minimum of 30 minutes of solid exercise a day. Exercise helps your dog’s muscles grow strong, organs function properly and mentality stay natural. Plus, dogs absolutely love to be active.

However, most modern working people do not have time to allocate 30 minutes a day to walking a dog. Furthermore, weather conditions prevent people in many regions and seasons from taking their dogs on an outdoor walk. Therefore, an alternative to the traditional outdoor walking is greatly desired by many loving dog owners.

The dog treadmills are the perfect solution for both the dog and the dog-owner. To use it, you simply need to strap your animal in so that he does not stray or slide from the machine. Slowly turn the pace of the treadmill up until your pet begins to understand the functionality of the equipment. As the floor moves, you pet will walk or jog to keep up with it.

Pet treadmills simulate the outdoor, playful environment that many pet owners would like to provide their dogs with, but cannot, for whatever circumstance. Depending on your dog’s level of energy, you can allow him to walk, trot or run. There is also a timer that you can set to a solid thirty minutes so that your pet gets his veterinarian-recommended dose of exercise.

While having a pet exercise machine facilitate exercise, it is important that your pet also gets plenty of activity outdoors. Many pet owners use the exercise machine on weekdays when their schedules do not allow them to spend time walking their pets. On the weekends, they enjoy taking longer walks with their pets so that the dogs can run free and enjoy nature.

As an alternative to traditional pet walking and pet machines, consider investigating local doggy playgrounds or doggy parks. Just about every community has a fenced-off area of a local park where dogs and their owners enjoy congregating and socializing. Because the life of a household pet can get lonely, having these doggy parks is an ideal way for you to ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy.