Get Your Advertising In Front Of This Crowd

By now you have probably read many articles, whether it is from us or another news source, in regards to advertising on the Internet. The Internet is a vast society of people, buying, selling, chatting, you name it. The multi billion Internet population does it all.

Whether it is shopping victoriously, or writing your own Blog, you, like everyone else uses the Internet to satisfy a need.

Also like you, the thousands of businesses on the Internet are trying to fill the needs of their customers or their potential customers. Your business too, must be able to fill those needs.

Today we are going to focus in on how to use Blogging, especially other people`s Blogs to advertise your business, products or services to literally millions of people around the globe. The Blogging community is extremely large, with estimates of over 1,000,000 active Blogs on the Internet. Not only are the writers of Blogs your potential customers, but just as important, so are their readers.

Could you imagine getting your advertising to simultaneously appear in front of literally billions of people each and everyday? Research tells us that, your advertising must appear at least 5 to 7 times in front of someone before they act on it. Through Internet Blogging advertising you should be able to reach that quote in no time.

There are a number of companies out there, us included, that place advertisements on various Blog sites. This is done by the Blogger implementing a small piece code on their site with the advertisements appearing instantly. The Blogger sets the number of ads they want to see appear at one time, color schemes, layouts and so on. This not only gives the Blogger a means by which to not make the ads look intrusive on their sites, but also more visually appealing.

In order for your advertising to appear on those listings, you need to register with a site, that offers this kind of service. Many companies offer free packages so you can get started on a test basis to see if it is right for your business, products or services.

After registering you simply go to the section where you create your advertisement listing, enter your information, and after you save it, your advertisement gets placed into the rotation of when it will appear.

Be careful before signing up for and agreeing to anything, when you go this route. A lot of companies charge on a pay per click basis. This can be very costly. If you think about the common sense behind this, the advertising company has you paying every time a customer clicks on your ad, with no guarantee that the person who clicked your ad will become a customer. Could you imagine if newspapers charged you on a pay per issue sold? Sounds ridiculous right? But that in essence is what you are doing when you use pay per click.

Now although no Internet advertising campaign can guarantee that a person visiting your web site will buy anything from you, you can definitely limit the amount you spend for advertising on a per customer basis.

One way of doing that and still using this Blog advertising program is to register with companies that offer a flat monthly or yearly fee. This way you are not getting overcharged for the hundreds of clicks you are receiving with no return.

Another great part about this, is your ad will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year (366 if a leap year), until you tell it to not run anymore. Also your ad reaches a global community that is on the Internet reading information about products, services etc., that you already offer.

The Blogging crowd is a great opportunity to advertise your business. With the tools available to you today, you can get started in a few minutes, virtually free of charge.

By: Bruce A. Tucker